Need help with new Wemo Plug

Bought a new Wemo wifi plug. Model wsp080. It is a new style from previous versions. It is smaller than the previous version. It will not sync with smartthings. Sent emails to support and they said that ST does not update super lan connect which controls Wemo devices. Support said if Wemo made any changes from past versions it may not work.

Looking for anyone who has or the ability to write code to make the new plug work with ST. After reading I am wondering if custom code as a device handler would work. I have 10 light switches and 6 plugs that I use ST. The biggest thing I use ST for is to use arlo camera motion detection to turn Wemos on at night and then back off if no more motion. After reading in the community about Wemo issues, I would just go to another product than Wemo if I did not have so many. All my old devices work well so far.

Thanks for any help.

Forget wemo and go with these. You can usually get these for around $17 on Amazon. I have 10 of them and they work great. They are zigbee. They are smaller than the original wemo. The Amazon picture is deceiving. .

I have an older plug and never had an issue with its connection to Smartthings, but I suppose the newer ones might not connect the same way. You added the plug to the Wemo app first right? Then you would add to Smarthings “'by brand” and the Wemo integration is under “belkin”. Then you would select “outlet”, then use your WEMO login credentials to link the account.

If that doesn’t work, you’d probably need an intermediate service, like IFTTT, Alexa, or Home Assistant to control the outlet. Basically, custom device handlers work for devices that directly connect to the Smartthings hub - which is pretty much limited to Zwave and Zigbee devices. Other wifi devices integrate in various ways, either a community developed smartapp that communicates to the device manufacturers API, or an official integration with Smartthings. Since the future of Groovy developed Smartapps is uncertain, many are not developing any new smartapps right now, and if Wemo doesn’t have a compatible API, it wouldn’t be possible anyway.

The hope for the future is Project CHIP, where the plan is these WIFI devices will all use a universal protocol to communicate across many different platforms.

Thanks for the reply. All my old Wemo devices work great with ST so I’m guessing the newest model must have changed something. The smartthings app just won’t find it like it has all the other wemos. I have already used Alexa to set a time on and off as a bypass since smartthings won’t work. Only negative thing is that Alexa does not do more complex automations based on motion on my arlo cameras and then turn them off after a certain time. I guess I will have to change brands for any future plugs or light switches where I need more complex automation.

You can setup a simulated contact sensor on Smartthings and then an Alexa routine to turn on the outlet when the contact sensor closes. Its not 100% reliable though, but more details here FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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There is IFTTT too, but unfortunately they charge for more then 3 applets. Some create several IFTTT accounts to get around the fee.

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Created a virtual switch in the ST web interface. Then used 2 of the 3 free applets in IFTT to make the virtual switch work. Atleast I can use this Wemo plug in ST. I guess will start using switches and plugs that are designed for ST from here on. Plugs are easy but not sure who makes a wired light switch that works with ST.

Good, at least what you have is working now. I definitely would avoid buying more WIFI devices until project CHIP moves forward and there is a more uniform standard for how they work and communicate across platforms. Wifi devices generally rely on a cloud connection to the company that made them, and if that fails because the company goes out of business, or just decides to go in a different direction, you end up with a useless brick.

For wired switches, there are a lot of options that use Zigbee or Zwave, and I would recommend those since they run on a universal protocol that will work with other hubs, and connect to a smartthings hub. Most work with stock handlers for basic function, but some you need custom code. I always recommend the Inovelli switches, and they have their own people that supply the custom code needed to work with smartthings, with great instructions and support, but it appears their dimmers are out of stock right now. If you’re looking for just on/off switches without dimming, they have them in stock now for only $28 from the link below.

Outside Inovelli, a lot of people seem to like the Homeseer switches. I personally don’t have those so can’t really say. The GE/Jasco switches are popular, and those are mostly what I have from starting home automation several years back. I’ve also updated a lot of the custom code for those to keep them working in the new smartthings app (just do a search in the community for them), but I have mixed feelings about Jasco and many have reported issues with the Jasco switches failing.

There’s a lot of talk on the community about different products, and I’m sure others can chime in on their experience as well.

Inovelli link below: