New integrations - question from the recent conference


I’m still a fairly new ST user and haven’t yet done many of the add-ons that I’m looking forward to in the future.

I was looking at the info sent out recently by the ST Team and checking out what happened at the recent developer conference and I noticed that Netgear Arlo, Ring, Skybell and others were listed among the “SmartThings Partner Pavilion” or “SmartThings Feature Wall” or both. Either way, it gives the impression that these are now somehow “partners” or “compatible” with ST - or else why the listing. Having said that, I’ve not yet seen (at least from my many searches) where these items have been successfully integrated with ST - even though there have been many requests for it. Are these items something that we can now expect to see moving towards integration with ST in the near future - give that they were listed as such? Does this mean that they are partnering with becoming connected with ST? What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks so much!


As we discovered from the sudden loss of Chamberlain Garage Door integration yesterday, device / service integration support is, at times, tenuous; and I think we’ll discover over time that it is less and less about technical issues, but more about the ability for Samsug/SmartThings and other vendors to establish common definitions of “open”, and cordial partnerships.

That really sucks. Plain and simple. I’m not using it but clearly many people are and tons of work has gone into that. Argh. Sometimes it makes me really concerned about the ST platform in general. I’ve been following then since the very first and watched through many, many promises of integration (video, local processing and bluetooth being among those that I need and that were promised with the V2 hub…yet video is minimal at best, BT not turned on - though I know it exists in the hub and local processing at a minimum) that have not yet been fulfilled. I’m finding it interesting that there has been a great deal of time past now with much less moving forward in the IoT/HA world. Not just ST, although they are certainly among them. The many smart door locks are one area (August, Okidokeys, Lockitron/Bolt, Danilock, etc) - I have one and have watched many others and improvements have been at a snails pace. I don’t know if the realities of programming for these types of things has proved more challenging that originally thoughts or what.

But is there any word that these “Partners” features in the developer conference are actually going to be partnering with ST? It kind of wouldn’t make sense if they were there that they weren’t going to work together…but what do I know. I’m just surmising this based on logic. :wink:

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