WeMo outlets no longer listed on "works with SmartThings"?

I noticed that Belkin WeMo outlets are no longer listed on the ST website as being compatible with SmartThings.

Anyone have an idea as to why they’re no longer listed? In particular I’m curious to know if the second generation plugs are supported.

Must admit I don’t know why but as a coincidence I went into the WeMo app today to see if there was a firmware update available.
There was, firmware was updated and all still working OK.
I have not had any issues with these since I gave them fixed IP addresses around a year ago.
Just wish they weren’t so big!!!

Mine are working real well and no fixed IP.

Yes. Thinking about it I had lots of issues with the WeMo stuff in the early days. It was all with the WeMo app and devices. Fixed addressing cured that.

I beta tested the WeMo app we use now for ST, once installed it worked much better. Then final release all the fixes were done and works perfectly without fixed IP. I just installed three iHome ISP5’s and one ISP8 with power. They work just fine except that I don’t see where the ST App shows power. It shows in the logs using debug on the IDE so it is sending the info. I posted on the forum and sent a email to ST for guidance. I see the power listed in the iHome app. Also a lot more info including cost.

You can get power usage from the WeMo insight outlets with this device handler. I’ve been using it for months with no problems. WeMo Insight Switches

When I got my insight switch I was miffed at the fact ST listed “WeMo switches” as compatible yet didn’t report power usage. I contacted ST support and suggested they make a distinction between “WeMo Outlets” and “WeMo Insight Outlets” specifically stating the insight version won’t report power usage. In retrospect I’m glad they didn’t make the distinction because then I may not have looked for the custom device handler out of frustration.

It’s not ST’s fault there aren’t better device handlers out there for this or that device. Belkin has all the tools they need to make a device handler. Belkin needs to step up to the plate and make device handler for their devices. In the meantime many thanks to @jeroenkeppens for doing what Belkin should have done.

I’m more interested in knowing if the latest gen WeMo switches are still supported. Assuming they haven’t changed the API I would assume they’d work but before I buy the new model I want to be sure.

Well as far as my iHome devices that should show power, I am waiting to hear from ST and iHome. I purchased these after looking at the specs. All I know is I have a $50.00 Plug which could have been a $20.00 plug. I could have bought a IPS5 or IPS6 for less money. I paid under $20.00 for the IPS5 and bought three at Bed Bath & Beyond. Actually I paid with the 20% off they give with coupon 16.00 before tax. A real bargain.

UPDATE: ST on their page says Power Monitoring Not yet supported. Well I bought an expensive paperweight.

You will get old and gray before Belkin gets their act together. They are not known for speed or responsiveness to customer requests and issues.

I have 9 Wemo devices. I will never buy another.