Wemo Dimmer Switch

I just purchased the Wemo Dimmer Switch (F7C059), and I cannot seem to get SmartThings to discover it. Has anyone else had any luck with this device or should I consider returning it? I’ve had no luck using the Belkin Wemo Light Switch (Labs), as I suspect this only supports the older model non-dimmable light switch.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer - Belkin
Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer - Belkin


Same issue here!
This sucks I didn’t think it wasn’t NOT smartthing compatible.
I’ll keep it and assume that it will all work together eventually.

Besides mine was a bit of a pain to install so I don’t want rip this thing out.

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Same here. Waiting for support to arrive.

Has anyone heard anything about support? Or, has anyone developed custom support?


I ended up installing CoRe on my hub making a virtual switch and having it turn on and off via IFTTT.

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not likely that we will see support from smartthings being that the current wemo support is only though “samsung labs” so they are not on the hook for supporting wemo.

Are you able to dim via IFTTT?

I’m hoping a dev here on the forums puts something together, similar to what is working for the WeMo Maker.


I’m little more than a script kiddie when it comes to coding - especially for ST - but I have three of these things that I am very VERY close to replacing due to the lack of integration. Before I decide to, I would be happy to dump all of the XML files from my dimmers for someone to examine and try to integrate. Otherwise, anyone want to buy some Wemo Dimmers for $40 a piece? :slight_smile:

If you read Amazon reviews, some people say it’s working just fine with ST.

Is it a different product or something?

This product page also has purchase options for the Wemo Smart Plug and the Wemo Switch. Both of those devices absolutely work with ST. However, the Wemo Dimmer still very much lacks support in ST. It does not work at all, and is not recognized by the Wemo device handlers.

I started poking with some old Wemo Switch code, trying to call the dimmer’s on/off method using the same API, but it didn’t do anything. It’ll take someone a little more experienced than me to code it.

Thanks for this recommendation. This was the only acceptable solution that I could find for now. It works but it’s not perfect. There is a noticeable delay and it’s not dimmable through IFTTT. I used this virtual switch to turn on my living room light when my doorbell is rung after sunset.

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If anyone can get it to work, I’d like to know to. It’s not working for me.

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This sucks. I purchased this assuming that if it worked with Google Home, it would work/integrate with SmatThings!

Don’t give up so quickly!

I got it working right now through it’s binary operation, as well an integrated with all the UPNP discovery + events, all thanks to the Wemo Insight Switch work done by @zzarbi (https://github.com/zzarbi) that introduced me to the language and the framework.

Give me a week, and I’ll push something on my github account :wink:

(but the one to praise is @zzarbi for his excellent work!)


Glad this code was useful, I’m actually trying to build self discovered, self made devices as well.
I found this project by one of the Smartthings Engineer: https://www.hackster.io/juano2310/computer-vision-as-motion-sensor-for-smartthings-803341
It has UPNP discovery and events management.


Thank you @kris2k2 and @zzarbi!!! I linked up to your GitHub https://github.com/kris2k2/SmartThingsPublic and now have my wemo dimmers integrated and functioning within SmartThings. I have been trying for months and now I can finally ditch my NodeRed (in the middle approach) that was only one way w/ no dimming functionality. Well done!

I appreciate this work as well but I must be missing something… I added the smart app in. I see it on my phone/smartthings app, but when I open it it says discovering… and it never discovers it. Am I missing something on how to get the WEMO Dimmer smart app to discover my Dimmer Switch? Is there another application I need to install beside it? I only ask cause (and I might be blind) I didn’t see any instructions with the smart app.

Oh boy… as soon as I posted this I found out I was dumb and selected the wrong repo. Sorry I got it working.

I linked up to @kris2k2 GitHub with the correct retro. “Wemo Dimmer Light Switch” smart app present and discovers the dimmer. I select my dimmer and hit save, but I then receive the error" An unexpected error has occurred." Any idea what I could have done wrong?

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Have you installed the device handler from the same repo as well? Once discovered it is required to create the “thing” with the appropriate handler.