Wemo Dimmer

I just thought I’d share this little known information with everyone as I know there are quite a few people that have been wanting this either here or on other home automation sites. I just want everyone to have all the information available before making any big purchases. So, here goes, Wemo is in the midst of ironing out bugs for their Dimmer Switch. Unfortunately I don’t have much more beyond that, but I can attach these screenshots I have showing this.

It’s a shame their software is not very good.

I have 9 Wemo devices. They can work great for months then you get a firmware update and boom … things go pear-shaped. They work well with ST though.

I gave up on Wemo because they could not get a dimmer or 3-way/4-way out the door … and for the continual firmware issues.

BTW, these screen shots have been in the wild for months.

Wemo have been the most unreliable smart devices ever. Luckily the LED bulbs can connect straight to the smartthings hub without Wemolink otherwise these things would be going in the trash
The wemo insight switch also works sometimes. The rules engine there is rubbish


Has anyone been able to get the WeMo Dimmer working with ST?

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I second this. Really annoying that the dimmer won’t work with Smart things.