Belkin WeMo Dimmer - SmartThings Labs

The WeMo dimmer has been out for a bit now and still no support in the labs. Are there any plans for support here coming anytime soon? How long after the original switch release did the current “Labs” support come out?

Has anyone had success automating with the dimmer using other methods? Specifically interested in connecting the dimmer to the security “alert with lights” feature.

I would also like to open up the thread for any conversations on these dimmers, thoughts, uses, impressions, etc.

Exactly… just got my ST, and all other Wemo devices were found instantly except the dimmer. I was scratching my head featuring why and then realized it’s not supported yet…

This was the biggest letdown for me once I got my hub up and going. I have mostly Lutron dimmers and switches but I specifically chose WeMo dimmers in my living room because I needed to leverage the “long press” rules.

I have three groups of lights in my livingroom, each group is connected to its own switch on separate walls (don’t know why - older house, previous owner made some bad decisions). Thing is, I LIKE being able to control different zones in the room because it is quite large.

WeMo works perfectly in this case because I can individually control a single zone, but if I long-press the button, it toggles ALL of the dimmers in the room. Lutron nor SmartThings has this kind of support that I know of. I know mine is a very specific case, but interoperability was what drew me to SmartThings - as I’m sure it does many others. I know WeMo is a competitor of sorts, but adding support will NEVER cause Samsung to lose business. Failing to play ball will.

Please, anyone from SmartThings Labs, PLEASE add WeMo dimmer support!

I should add I have three of these things I can dump the XML files from if it will help someone get started on an integration!

I hope someone can create the integration. I have two Wemo Dimmer Switches and love them but it is the only thing I cannot connect to SmartThings at the moment. Would hate to have to sell them because I also use the long press feature and just really love the look and feel of the switch.

Still no support for this? WeMo dimmer has been available nearly 9 months now…

I am the one who added the wemo dimmer to pywemo / getting it added to home assistant. I will try to look into the development of Smartthings devices to try to add it as well, hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult. I should have some time this weekend to take a peek.


Thanks for taking a look. Would be awesome to be able to add these guys. They really are great little switches.

Thank you so much Angel12. How’s it coming along ?

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Last thing my st is missing. Would be great for someone to take a look and see if it is possible.

Anyone ever create a handler for these dimmers?

Got two Wemo Dimmers as gifts, can not get these to integrated to Smartthings, working fine with Echo. Anyone can help me? Ive tried Kris2k2 and meatheadmike, no luck:unamused:…