WeMo added in UK, only finding 1 switch


I had an email from ST and now certain WeMo devices are now fully compatible with ST.

It says WeMo outlet, not mentioning the insight switch. However I did a new connect a thing, it found my insight, connected ok, and controls it, but doesn’t the standard switch.

They both work in the iOS WeMo app fine. I’ve reset the switch, connected it in WeMo again fine, but ST still doesn’t find it.

Anyone help?

(Bob) #2

Are you using the WeMo Connect smart app?
If not try using it.


They work in the iOS WeMo app, but it only find the insight outlet in iOS ST app

(Bob) #4

I probably wasn’t very clear. Are you using the WeMo smart app to discover the devices. I suggest you try the app.


Sorry confusion.

They discover, both, in the WeMo app and work fine. I goto the ST app and can only discover the insight outlet not the standard outlet

(Bob) #6

Use the WeMo Connect app through your ST app.


It didn’t find it in there either, only the insight one again…


Yeh it only still finds the insight. When you try to add it ST app it auto opens the WeMo connect anyway