Well this latest 30.3 update hosed me. What is the best way to reset?

As I stated, the latest May 4th update on my 2015 v2 completely friggen hosed me with a continual loop of disconnecting for 5 minutes 41 seconds and then going active, pinging and registering for a minute and 10 seconds and then disconnecting for 5 minutes 41 seconds, continually. My hub is absolutely useless and although tech support has attempted to be helpful, I just want my crap to work so I am going to reset it and spend hours setting everything back up.

What is the best way to reset this? I have several automations and it is just going to be a sh i t show to get this all back up and running. Should I use the app or should I go online on Samsung IDE to attempt this? Should I just do the reset on the hub?

Thanks for any help with this reset hell…

I’d document your automations first, but here ya go:

Unfortunately this affected a number of people during the last update. :disappointed_relieved:

Try a soft reset first, not a hard reset. See the following post from a staff member:


@livingaboard1, Try the following. Remove power, remove batteries. Let it sit for a few hours without any cables. Change the ethernet cable to a known working other one. Change the port on the router to a known working one.

After a few hours plug it back. And check it again.

Doing a soft reset is well advise as well. That should re-load the latest firmware and fix any failed download of the one on the Hub.

Thanks all for the responses. The only thing I didn’t do is leave everything unplugged for a few hours. I was just doing a few minutes on a soft reset and I did that many times. In the end I just took the plunge and did a hard reset. I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are several things tied in with Alexa also so that complicated it. I spent about 4 hours on it last night and I expect several more hours will be needed to finish up and then another week to fine tune things. I don’t recall all the things I have set up.

One difference is that they no longer have routines and scenes in the classic app, they just have scenes from what I can tell. I had to delete a bunch of stuff in the Alexa app.

The excluding devices and re-pairing didn’t go as smoothly as I expected for sure.

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A bit bold move, but if it works for you…

Use Automations from the new app instead of Routines from the Classic app. Set up the Scene as the Routine was and define the conditions to activate it with an Automation like the Routine was running.