Can't Reset Hub

Hi. I’m struggling to reset my V2 hub. I’ve followed the instructions several times but it seems to get stuck halfway through the reset process. Any suggestions?

If you want to HARD reset the hub such that it is totally wiped and in a ‘brand new and unused’ state: unplug the power, press and hold the recessed button in the back while plugging the power back in, continue holding the button in the back until the flickering yellow light in the front stays solid yellow, then release the button and the front led light will change thru colors including magenta where it is pulling down the latest firmware. once the led is green/red then it is completely reset.

Thanks for your reply. That’s what I’ve been doing but it gets stuck on magenta for hours. I’ve left it overnight and it won’t get as far as green/red. Any other suggestions please?

Are you removing the batteries?

Never had batteries in it, always powered from the mains supply

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@jkp guessing these guys are the experts :slight_smile:

Well, let’s say they help fix things when possible. Do open a ticket with ST support as they may ask for tHe ticket number in order to assist. Note: it is a holiday weekend so I would not expect anything right away.

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Cheers. I might just do that :slight_smile:

I didn’t see a support ticket, did you get this resolved?

@Brad_ST Sorry I’ve been snowed under this week. Now I’ve come to log a ticket I can’t remember where to go. Would you be so kind as to post the link for me?

In the ST app, go to menu > help > report a problem or send email to if in the US

Hi. Sorry for the late reply again. I’ve logged a ticket but had to follow a slightly different route as my app didn’t have a help option, only contact us, which took me to the main Samsung site where I was able to choose hub from a dropdown menu and enter a description of my issue. Thanks again for your help