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Hi all

I need some help. I reset my hub to try and fix the Zwave problem following recent firmware upgrade. Doh!!

Obviously this was a bad idea made worse but the fact I did not remember about the Welcome Code and I cant find it. So now nothing works.

I have been going in circles with Livechat who after 40 mins decided the could not help me. The contact us phone number suggest using livechat or email before hanging up and i have not had a response from email other than an automate one that say due to Covid19 reply’s may that longer which is not great.

So I though I would have a go on here as i saw someone from a couple of years ago had some getting the welcome code through this forum

My ticket number is Support request #1479517

any help to get the welcome code asap will be much appreciated.


If you live in the US, the best method is to contact ST support by email. Send them an image of the bottom of your hub that shows the serial number of the hub. You can reply to the email that included your ticket number from Support.


There was a ST staff member who would assist users on the forum with this matter from time to time but he has since departed.

Also, open the battery compartment to check if the Welcome code was imprinted there. Some models had that available to them.

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Hi Thanks

I am afraid I am in the UK so I don’t think US can help me.

I have checked the battery compartment but no luck

but thanks anyway.

UK support 0333 0000333
UK: support@smartthings.co.uk

or reply back to the email that included your ticket number. They generally want the image of the bottom of your hub that shows the serial number.

Send an e-mail to support@smartthings.co.uk. I believe they pretty much cover nine-to-five on weekdays. I’ve had a welcome code back in 30 minutes before, but it tends to take a little longer.

You will see a telephone number quoted from time to time but that seems to be a relic of the past. It is still acknowledged that chat support used to exist but that didn’t survive COVID.

As for using the mobile app, I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t know if it still happens, but for UK users it used to be the case that if you had the Samsung Members app installed it acted like a plugin that replaced the useful contact section in the app and threw everything at Samsung support. They seem to have got wise to users not installing that app and so being able to create app logs and things, and have now made it useless without installing that app. Last time I tried you couldn’t get at the log without contacting Samsung support, and they also didn’t send the body of your support request either.