Retrieving Hub Welcome Code

Hello all, hope this is in the right place and someone can help!

I have moved house and misplaced the welcome code for my SmartThings hub. Upon speaking to support they advised me to email support@smartthings but it has been two weeks now and no response so I am unable to use any of my smart devices!

Can anyone offer anything else I can try please!?

Some of the v2 hubs has the welcome code imprinted within the battery compartment so check there if you haven’t already.

Did you send a photo of your serial number to ST support?

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Thank you for your response, have looked inside the battery compartment and do not have it there.

And yes my email to SmartThings had an image of the back of the hub with the serial on it and I am getting nothing back from them.

Do you have a support ticket #? I’m not finding a support request for you.

Hello Brad,

Thank you for getting back to me, after not hearing back on my initial request I sent another ticket yesterday with an image of my hub, that support request id was 1221934

Thank you