Welcome April Wong to the Community

(Ben Edwards) #1

I am very excited to welcome @April to SmartThings and specifically to the community team. April is a big fan of SmartThings and it showed. She was the star of the team that Samsung hired to demonstrate SmartThings at CES — enthusiastically and knowledgeably speaking to her own scenario as well as others.

As our Community Manager, April will let her enthusiasm show by being active on the community forums, diligent in developer communications (helping to curate and send the developer email newsletter), helping with developer events, and more. This will make for a more effective community organization as we add more developer evangelists/advocates and event capacity in the coming year.

April is moving back to the Bay Area after a couple years in San Diego.

In April’s own words:

My name is April Wong, and I had the pleasure of representing SmartThings at CES2015, and I’m very excited to now officially join the team as a Community Manager. I have past experiences in customer experience, front-end UI/UX design for mobile and software platforms, creating digital/printed assets, planning marketing campaigns, and events. I personally love to go downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, and anything fun. I do, however, draw the line on jumping off an airplane without a parachute. Safety first.

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(Ben Edwards) #2


Welcome @April! Glad to have you on the team.


Welcome! Any coding background? (Since she’s curating the developer newsletter.)

p.s. Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute can still be safer than mountain biking! It’s all about the landing. In transportation, as in coding, sometimes it really IS about where you end up. :smiling_imp:

(April Wong) #5

@JDRoberts, I’ll have to admit, very minimal. Mostly front end UX/UI integration, but primarily more HTML/CCS. I can read a script and know what is happening, so I understand the syntax of C++, but I’m not proficient enough to code myself.

Ideally, I’ll be leaning on our developers/support team and @Mager on consolidating information that has happened/will happen in this newsletter. I’m very interested in knowing what type of information you would like to also see in these newsletters.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Howdy @April! Congratulations…

I presume @Ben told you to be “on the lookout” for me. I am pretty active here on the Forums; I poke my nose into all sorts of topics, hoping to be helpful, and – sometimes – I actually am, LOL. :angel:

Welcome to the conversations and welcome to SmartThings.!

…CP / Terry.

(April Wong) #7

Thanks @tgauchat!

Haha- I’ve been secretly stalking the developers discussions these past few weeks, and I love your insight and contribution to the community. In fact, I actually brought you up today, but mainly because of your alias “Cosmic Puppy”. I wish I thought of it.

Looking forward to more of your ideas!


(Jody) #8

Hello April,

Welcome to the circus.

(Todd Wackford) #9


Congratulation for joining the SmartThings Team! I think you’re going to have a blast. Especially here in the community. We’re a typical family. We have our rowdy kids, doting parent types and a few drunk uncles (not saying what I am). :wink:

All in all though, we want SmartThings to be the easiest to use most open system that can do anything we can think up. Oh, and we want it to work all of the time. Jest you wait and see if there is a glich. There will be a few here that will get all riled-up. And there may be days where you’ll be thinking: “Why didn’t I take the Blue Pill?”. It’s all good though in the end though 'cuz we all took the Red Pill too. :heart_eyes:

Again, congratulations, welcome and get ready for the ride. Keep your hands inside the car at all times and have funnnnnnnnnn!

(Ron S) #10

Welcome to the madness, April!

(Andrew Mager) #11

So glad to have @April here!

She brings an element of sunshine to this community that cannot be expressed with words.

(Ron S) #12

There you go, @mager ! Please do bring us the sunrise and sunset too… :wink:

(Geko) #13

Now I know why @smart is wearing shades. :smile:

(Ron S) #14

Trust @geko to take/make a crack! :wink: Precaution! My friend! Too much of sunshine! @April loves photography! Also will she be working in the NY/NJ area?

(April Wong) #15

Thanks Everybody! I feel so welcomed here!

@smart, I’ll actually be at Palo Alto, CA. I love NY though, I hope to visit there sometime soon!

@mager will probably change his tone when I move here permanently - He’ll have to get use to my enthusiastic preppy mornings.

(Ron S) #16

Aah! @April can’t wait for some sunshine here… :wink:

(April Wong) #17