Ben Edwards Interview for SamsungTomorrow

@smart at least you made the list… :cry:

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April doesn’t work in the forums anymore. She got some kind of promotion.


I could feel like that. The second heart blockage is kind of increasing and hurting a little! :frowning:

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There has been a great disturbance in the Force…

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lol OMG guys! I feel the love. Speaking of disturbance of the force…I was an EWOK for halloween! I never really ‘worked’ on the forums, but recently have moved over to a different team. I’m kind of swamped with events like CES at this time, so you’ve been seeing me less - a lot less, but I’m not entirely ever gone. :slight_smile: You’ll see me stop by dev calls + @pstuart’s live code fridays + I lurk a bit here. <3


Nice try, but we don’t allow people to rewrite history here. We leave that to Marketing. LOL!

Your title was “Community Manager” and Ben introduced you to the community this way.

Just sayin’… :wink:


Community includes not just our forums :wink: but the core developers and peopel that contribute to our platform. Not every person who purchases is a community member, nor is everyone who signs up to the forums a community member. Community members are people like you, who contribute, digest, and share. :smile: The forums was one of the ways to communicate with those said members.

At least, that’s my description of it.

and really - is it actually ~working~? :slight_smile: I enjoyed my time chatting with you guys all day.


I have a great memory but I would never dispute JD…


Of course @april has the power to make that post go away.

[edit again]

That was suppose to say JD not JT sorry @JDRoberts

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FAB! … Love the Ewoks, despite their poor reputation among Star Wars fans…

Congrats on your new role… as an alien teddy bear :bear: apparently…


Wish I could get some kind of promotion and get away from all you guys too… :wink:


I was thinking more along the lines of: “Oh, a rich uncle I didn’t know I had just died and left me $100 million dollars and now I can pay someone to do all my home automation stuff!!”

Ah… who am I kidding? If that happened I’d just quit my job and end up spending even MORE time messing around on the forums and tinkering with home automation.


I really want to make that dynamic. But…priorities :slight_smile:


What car is that?!

Pointless 20 character limit…

[quote=“chuckles, post:64, topic:28735, full:true”]
Hmmm…new thought…

We combine the grid of avatar images from the front page (see @copyninja’s post, above) with the “likes” we’ve collected…and we play BINGO![/quote]

No fair! JD’s card would just be solid red!

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Ooooh. Bingo!!! (I needed to procrastinate for a bit :smile: )


mazda Miata… tiny little things. :slight_smile:

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Thought it might be! An NC (3rd gen) I’m guessing! Here’s my NB! Love it!

It’s real small in Texas though…


YAY i made it to the “cool” list haha :wink:


Kyle, I thought you were cool before you made it on to the list. I liked Kyle before he went mainstream.


Hahahaha @jodyalbritton i actually had a chuckle at that :slight_smile: mutual feelings bro - were high flyers now // i joke i joke :slight_smile: