Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to break the ice on this : I know there’s a few lurkers here who don’t know where to post. (That’s okay, we generally move them to the appropriate area to get you better visibility and the assistance you want.)

Introduce yourself! How did you find out about SmartThings? What’s your current setup like? :smile:


Hello April and Community!

My name is Jeff. I started out as a Kickstarter backer and have been with SmartThings ever since. When I initially received SmartThings I was living in a rented condo, so I couldn’t go too crazy with my setup. I basically had a few multi’s and would have lamps come on when we would open a door if it was after sunset. Since then my girlfriend and I built a house. I have my Foscam integrated in so that I can enable or disable the motion alerts from it. I also have a Schlage deadbolt on every one of our external doors that auto lock any time my girlfriend and I leave the house (based on our presence via our iPhones). I have 2 water sensors, one in the laundry room and one in the basement by the sump pump. I have our Liftmaster MyQ garage door integrated. I did have it auto opening when arriving home, but because of issues with presence I have disabled that. I have my Honeywell WiFi thermostat integrated and at some point will setup integration to turn the heat and a/c down if no one is home. Just haven’t had time to do that. I also have all of our TCP and Hue lamps integrated. I also have a motion sensor in my office that turns on the light in there only after dark. That’s about all I can think of for the time being with my setup.

Other than that, I am a Network Administrator at a local school district. I have been there just over a month. Prior to that I worked at CDW as a Windows Engineer for almost 10 years. I love tinkering with anything electronic!



Hi SmartThings Community!

I’m Tyler, often referred to as Tyler2 and definitely not to be confused with @tyler1. I’ve been with SmartThings since 2013, but have been working with the team since well before the SmartThings days. Some of you may know me from the Support team, but nowadays you’ll find me managing our Device Certification program.

My SmartThings setup is modest compared to some of the Community members here! I mostly automate my lights, but also have some security devices setup with notifications at night or when I’m not home. There may be one or two super-top-secret devices in my setup also…

I work with the wonderful folks in our Palo Alto office. If you’re ever in the area shoot me a PM and we’ll see about a private tour!


The super-top-secret devices peaked my interest!


Hello all,

I’m Kevin, and I’ve been around the forums since mid last year. I got my SmartThings hub after I found my Revolv hub too limited (before the additional limit of end-of-lifing the hub, but I digress). I liked the flexibility and supported hackability of SmartThings, and have been enjoying learning about the HA protocols and adapting to the ins-and-outs of eventually consistent programming. Mostly, it’s the ability to directly affect things around my home, to tie things together in just the way I want (mostly, lol), and plan out future expansion.

I’ve been developing for 20 years now, so it’s always fascinating working on a new platform that’s still maturing. I’ve been developing on the Salesforce’s platform since, well, before it was a platform and saw that grow into an impressive business apps platform. My day gig is just down the street from SmartThings Palo Alto where I’m a architect at Palantir.


:slight_smile: We use SalesForce! and I had no idea you were down the street! That’s awesome! You’re REALLY close to Philz coffee! (yum!)

Hello, my name is Nico, I live in Indonesia, which actually not Smartthings’ area of service :smile:
But, I can’t hold anymore to feel this product. I know ST from kickstarter, I was amaze when I first see ST.

With all limitation of device compatibility, I start buy ST with Smarter home kit. Now, I have use ST for 1,5 months, with smarter kit and Philips Hue.
Overall I was satisfied with Smartthings, but have concern about some things, like offline capability and devices status. For now, I can’t trust ST to handle my home security.

Right now, I want to expand my ST ecosystem. It’s hard to me find device that work on 220 V and US Z-wave version (because ST support only Z-wave US). Or maybe anyone can help me with this problem ? :smiley:

With limitless possibilities of using ST, I just can’t stop researching about ST via this community, and found amazing people that develop and create something great.
But still, I hope Smartthings will still keep this product friendly for people without knowledge of developing things like coding or other workaround.

Let’s get fun and smarter with Smartthings


Yeah, we’re kinda responsible for Phil setting up shop there. :wink: Some of our folks had an obsession with Philz, and would regularly make runs to his store on Middlefield. When we built out 101 Forest, PA zoning required street level retail as part of it, so we gave Phil a call, and the rest is history!

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Hello ST community!!

My name is Michael and i’m currently a freshman at the University of Minnesota. I’m double majoring in electrical and computer engineering, and am very involved with school projects. Almost all of my experience is in robotics and I’m currently working on both a fully autonomous vehicle, and a hovercraft t-shirt cannon. I’ve never used ST products before, but after meeting a representative at an IoT seminar i’m very interested. I can’t wait to get to work on ST projects, and i’m very excited to be here!

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:smiley: Hey! Welcome to the community.

Did you meet @Jim at the IoT seminar? He’s my favorite! :smiley:


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Hello Everyone,

Through a series of (un)fortunate events, my dad bought me a TRS-80 instead of a Nintendo Entertainment System. My dad had no clue what a video game was, and he did the best he could. What I ended up with was a system that let me create my own video games. Ever since I have wanted to hack things. I was connecting to Bulletin Board Sytems (bbs) when I was 12. I have been involved with or infatuated with technology and connecting to others via technology for over twenty years now. Today, I am walking around trying to figure out how to shoehorn the internet into every object I come across. I am addicted to data and an avid Quantified Selfer.


Hi All!

Blake here, out of Raleigh NC. Currently treat ST as a way to control a DIY alarm system, and lights. I live in a 100 year old home with original wiring >yikes<. ST allows me to teach my old house new tricks. I work at Red Hat, I love Open Source, I love community projects… and i’m also an Apple Fanboy. Which makes my co-workers angry.

I have been lurking on this forum since November, and really appreciate how involved the community is. I see some people getting “fed-up”, and taking digs at ST out of frustration. I get it, this stuff is not cheap. I try and remind myself that it is NEW and exciting. We all want everything to work. I’m okay with the hiccups, and look forward to whats next with Hub2.

Nice to meet ya!

My life is: #music #apple #redhat #oldhouse #bluejays #nomeat #raleigh


Well after staring at all the reviews about hubs till my eyeballs dried out I decided to try out ST. I just ordered stuff for my windows, doors, and lights plus a drop camera to try out. (We have issues with critters breaking into cars) im a jack of all trades kind of guy so I’m not as tech savvy as most here I imagine, since one of the pros to this system seems to be its openess to 3rd parties and such. I’m very excited to see how this works out and to see what else I can do with my house. hopefully I think I can wire some of the in wall stuff A without zapping myself and B have it work correctly. Well just wanted to say howdy.


I’m just an old F___ (ST newbie) trying to keep up with the kids.
So far my sensors, light controls, and alarm seem to be working fine.
I have a Foscam F19821W camera on a Linear015Z outlet, so I can control the camera ON/OFF.
Camera records to my router NAS drive (SSD Samsung T1).
So far so good. My GE45631 keypad gives me device control at the entryway.
Currently my concerns are:

  1. Can I use the keypad to control MODES (to arm/disarm)?
  2. My wife does not have a smartphone…the keychain presence detectors seem to get bad reviews.
  3. How can my adult kids use the house when we are away?

Looking forward to expanding my knowledge & system.


Hi Smarthings Community,

i have been dabling with Home Automation for over 15 years, starting with X10 and have recently moved into a new home (nothing like starting fresh with lessons learned over the years)

My Setup consists of

  1. SmartThings Hub (died…waiting on v2 to buy new)
  2. 2Gig Panel (setup a secondary ZWAVE hub)
  3. Phillips Hue lighting (4 Color bulbs)
  4. 12 Zwave in wall switches
  5. 3 ZWave in wall dimmers
  6. 4 Lamp Modules for our Fish tank, Christmas tree and outdoor lighting
  7. 2 X10 lamp Modules (wife likes the old remote and ease of use - surrvied the 3 house moves)
  8. MyQ Garage door openers (2 gateways, one paired to 2Gig/ADC and the second was paired to the MyQ website)
  9. Nest thermostat (Zone 1)
  10. Trane ZWave thermostat (Zone 2)

Currently in the process of the following projects

  1. adding 4 Somfy motors to our Roman Shades with the ZWAVE to RTS gateway
  2. Installing 4 Aeotec Micro switches for our outdoor lights
  3. Korner door/window sensors (ETA May 2015)
  4. 10 Bright ( ZWAVE switches to act as intercom and control lights in room (ETA June)
  5. Zigbee to RGB LED strip lighting in the kitchen or get the Hue Light strips
  6. IP cameras (still need to decide which ones and how to tie them into the system), may end up getting Blue Iris and a dedicated PC
  7. EcoVent install (ETA Sept 2015)
  8. Need to install 2 Touch pannels for easy management…
  9. Some system like mysmartblinds for the existing 2" wood blinds to automate them (waiting for them to open the ordering system)
  10. Automate our Cellular shade (15 ft high window) with a solar panel or get a replacement (its a cheap blinds2go unit)
  11. new automated blinds and curtains for the family room (18 ft long shades…), needing heavy motors

Hope i can complete everything this year as it would be perfect before the getting the house painted (already have a few holes in the wall from all the cable runs)


Hello ST community,
My name is Joe and I have to confess I have never posted to any board, which for me sounds weird, because I am a tech geek. So onto my ST intro. After reading what seemed like a million reviews and articles. I decide ST was right for me. I have 18 things connected. I for the most part love it. I realize we are all on the ground floor of home automation, so I find myself more patient than I normally would be. Seems the last week or so there has been alot of issues. Not sure I should post them on this thread.


Hi SmartPeople™,

My name is Chuck and I am a serial code committer. I have contributed, and continue to contribute to many open source projects including Asterisk, OpenPilot, ArduPilot, and many smaller projects (Sonarr, Jasagar). My profession is in computer programming and I own a software development company based in Jacksonville, FL focusing on workflow related business software. I got into home automation about 8 years ago with HomeSeer but that was always a struggle and more of a passive system in my life as it never passed the Wife Acceptance threshold. I have found SmartThings a great community and product and look forward to working on community enhancements.


Hello All!
I am Bill. I am retired military living in Colorado. We had bored teenagers breaking into cars in the area so we decided to add some security. The wife wanted surveillance cameras and I wanted alarms. I did a little research and decided on Foscam cameras inside and ST for the alarms. My Foscam cameras are wirelessly connected to a Synology box while my alarms sensors are connected to my ST hub. All is right with the world! I will look into eventually controlling my Foscam cameras through my ST hub, but I have not figured out the advantage of that yet. I am a system engineer by trade/ computer scientist by education. When I decide to retire, I hope to start to contribute here for the coding stuff. Until then, I will rely on you smarter people to do that for me!


Hello All!

I am a user of the technology, definitely not an innovator/coder. I have purchased the Smartthings hub and currently have 17 “things” connected, mostly lighting. I am a heavy IFTTTT user and have a few recipes that are working nicely for my needs.

I have a couple issues that I am trying to make work and really don’t know if this is the place to ask for help. If someone would be willing to steer me in the right direction for that, it would certainly be appreciated.

I’ve had the hub for about a month now and have been adding new “things” on a steady basis. I am a committed Smartthings user and am looking forward to automating as much of my life as possible. Two Roomba 770s and a Litter Robot got me started down this path of putting as much workload on technology as I can.