Ben Edwards Interview for SamsungTomorrow

Pretty good article on @Ben support for developer led communities. Take a read.


Here we go again:

thanks to the efforts of the more than 15,000 developers involved in the SmartThings community.

I guess, anyone who’s ever self-published a custom SmartApp is a “developer”. :smile:


While not required, Ben “explained” that number in post below…

We don’t define the 18k number in a great way—I would love it to be a measure of “high performing developers” but for now it is those developers who have ever saved a SmartApp or device type handler (de-duped, and aggregate over all-time)

I personally think the number is meaningless and borderline misleading. Or maybe I still just “don’t get it”.

Still: When your job’s title and scope includes “Developer Advocacy”, then I guess it makes sense you’ll pick the statistic that maximizes your influence, right?

Well… not worth caring about: Fact is: SmartThings in the media, is different than SmartThings in real life.

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Well, I consider myself a developer (even though I don’t have one of those spiffy “SmartApp Code Slinger” badges… Plus I don’t have one of them Kickstarter badges either! What kinda place is this anyway??)

And I know that you’re a developer @geko… so that’s just 14,998 to go. :smile:


[quote=“tgauchat, post:3, topic:28735, full:true”]
I personally think the number is meaningless and borderline misleading. Or maybe I still just “don’t get it”.[/quote]

I liken it to the SmartWatch or SmartPhone battery life or even Miles per Gallon/KPG sort of thing. Yeah it’s borderline misleading, but it’s also what everyone else is doing, so if you publish realistic numbers when everyone else is publishing “made up” numbers, then you don’t look so good.

Remember having a conversation about this with someone about their pebble back when I was using a different SmartWatch and complaining that 7 days was unrealistic. He was 100% correct, but in perfect conditions 7 days was possible. And seeing competition at the time (MetaWatch was what I had then) was also publishing 7 days (again, in ideal conditions), if Pebble said: “Realistically you’ll probably get two, maybe three days…” well, it would have been very bad PR for them, even if it was more accurate.


Yup… but as an “engineer” (I’m not; my degree is in math, computer science, and business) … I prefer accuracy, conformance to some obvious meaningful standard; or at the very least, a footnote with a precise definition.

Without either of those, I’ve felt compelled to pester Ben for that explanation / definition.

Reconciling engineering and marketing is difficult for asperger types.

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I strongly suspect that that task is difficult for ALL types! :slight_smile:

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Sometimes stats are good as a relative gauge when perfect information is not available.


And neither do I. I guess one published app is not enough to make it to the club. :smile:
… Or maybe I was disqualified for releasing Pollster, dunno. :smile:


Oh my gosh! You guys have 47 badges between the two of you! Are you feeling neglected? :wink:


I agree… Though as a mathie, I try to look for stats that can be correlated as that gives more meaning (for example, counting the number of apps uninstalled helps clarify the meaning and impact of the number of apps installed; especially if looking at a particular app – if it has 1000 installs, and 800 uninstalls, the latter number is very significant…).

As for Developer Counting, there are other stats that are smaller, and may be more or less meaningful. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. It’s just relative.

For example, the SmartThingsPublic GitHub repo:

  • Forks: 1,359
  • Peak of 31 commits / week.
  • 20 Contributors to Master
  • 84 “Stargazers” (passive followers).

… etc.

And this is why the media is not the real world… It’s in the news… Good, that means publicity.

But then we come back to the real world… Where things actually work…or not.

What I find interesting is that the media finds it interesting, which in turns means more money for Samsung… Which of course means more strength for ST, leading to more stability and a longer life.

Sure, the numbers are misleading, if you live here in the forum… Like us.

But out there, in the real world, who cares.

Billy and Suzy will see ST at bestbuy, say hey, that’s cool! They will spend a ton of money on it. It will be a pain in butt for Billy cause Suzy can’t figure it out. But, they will keep it just long enough cause it works just good enough. It will be a cool factor for their friends, who will run out and buy it too.

But in the end who cares about statistics. Especially when I look at the amount of money I have spent statistically … I mean, I just bought echo#3!

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And this chart is fun to sort and analyze in different ways… relatively.

Though my, ummm, analyst would definitely have a discussion with me if he saw it.
Of the top ones in this sort order, at least @slagle acquired a SmartThings job…

Yes! Very neglected. My entire self worth is dependent on my badge count on ST. I live a very sad, unfulfilled life.


Well, Chris… my “Liked to Post (Reply)” ratio is about twice yours, so take that to your therapist!
See… you can measure love. :heart:! :kissing:

But @geko’s is like 1:1!

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What can I say… I crave attention, but I’m also bitter, so…

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And I offered @JDRoberts a job yesterday :slight_smile:


@smart I think you would be on the top of the number of posts withdrawn list.


Just trying to bump you up on the list! :wink: and BTW Happy Diwali to everybody at ST!


In seriousness though, it is pretty amazing that over 1300 people on these forums have read 500 posts or more in the past 30 days. That represents an active group. I am unclear why there is a reporting discrepancy between total # of users numbers I have access to. In the admin is shows 14,535 but publicly it displays 13,872. I have asked the forum makers.