Developers who changed the way we do things

Continuing the series of how SmartThings affected the way we do things. There is no doubt that gadgets had a great impact but many would not have played well with SmartThings if it wasn’t for the community developers who selflessly shared their countless hours of writing code to make things work.

Here is my top 10 community developers that have changed the way I incorporated SmartThings in my own Home Automation set up:

@bravenel for many great smart app ideas, which I use every day, but for really being the pioneer of one fits all smart app.

@slagle for many contributions but especially for coming up with great ideas of controlling heating and cooling (Thermostat Mode Director), lights and modes, which I have been using for the past two years.

@Mike_Maxwell for Keenect, the one app that made smart vents a whole lot smarter

@ady624 for showing us all that everything is possible with CoRE, even recovering lost states

@MichaelS for taking voice control using Alexa to the next level with his Ask Alexa

@CyrilPeponnet for his great handlers and apps, but especially for the awesome work on the Fibaro handler, which I have used for more than a year

@joshua_lyon for giving us Sharptools

@625alex & Terry tgauchat (sorry couldn’t tag you, but I can only tag 10 users in one post) for giving us SmartTiles

@geko for many innovative apps but specifically for showing us what a Smart Security System is like

@RBoy for his awesome integration of Blink cameras

If you have your own developers that made a significant impact on how your SmartThings set up evolved, don’t hesitate to give them a shout-out below!

Thanks all for sharing your work with us!


I think the coolest thing here is each developer has his/her niche and that no one is really competing with each other…


I fully agree with that list. These are all tremendous achievements.

I would just like to add @jnewland, [EDIT] @desertblade, @E_Sch who created the first HomeKit (“Siri”) integration with Homebridge.

Also @tonesto7 with Nest manager who did not only create an app with great functionality but also awesome design!


@tobycth3 for his Simplisafe integration! I forgot my PIN code thanks to you!!


@tonesto7 and @desertblade for their work on the Nest manager.


and @E_Sch with nest-manager, it was a team effort.


Thanks to everyone already mentioned. I want to add @rayzurbock for big talker and @krlaframboise for simple device viewer and several DTHs.

I’d like to re tag @Mike_Maxwell but this time for his zone player manager because of how I use it in conjunction with big talker.

These apps and dth are essential to my set up.

EDIT - Add @johnconstantelo I use several of his DTH also!


Everyone that does the awesome device handlers and sometimes their associated smart apps!

If it weren’t for the hardware support, I’d have a lot less awesome in my house!

  1. @erocm1231

  2. @blebson

  3. @justintime

  4. @mattjfrank

  5. @mitchp

  6. @pstuart

  7. @slagle (love me some Bloomsky!)

I know I’m forgetting a few…


I use very little custom code, but because neither my service dog nor I can physically use a minimote, I needed help to get the smartenIT 3 toggle working as a button controller. Many thanks to

@JohnR , @thegilbertchan , and @sjansen .

Also @davglass who built a proof of concept for me for iBeacons, which helped solve my bus stop problem with presence. Based on an idea from @DigitalM0nkey

And not forgetting @obycode and SmartRules! :sunglasses:

Plus bonus points for @swanny who not only wrote a great integration for Kumostat Wireless Tags, he went the extra mile and tested it for me to see if my service dog would be able to trigger a hanging tag without it being so sensitive it would go off all the time. :dog:

Now that’s community support! :heart_eyes:


Ditto… Definitely @E_Sch


…and speaking of devices, let’s not forget

@Robert_Vandervoort for the amazing work on Aeon sensors
@kevintierney for the Securify Fob
@copyninja for what it was, for the longest time, a solid MyQ integration

So many people contributed over the years that made this community so great. I am sure we forget a bunch, keep shout outs coming…


@ady624 - CoRE and others, staying positive.

@bravenel - Busting open the doors and showing what is possible. And for keeping it real, holding folks accountable.

@krlaframboise @mitchp @Robert_Vandervoort @copyninja - All great functionality contributions.

@pstuart for being a voice of reason, great demeanor, keeping it real.

@geko Great demonstration of capabilities that inspired the platform. Keeping it real.

@tgauchat Awesome concepts. Tireless community engagement. Even when we don’t always agree. Keeping it real.

@slagle for putting up with all the salt. having to be the representative of an imperfect organization at some very tough times. great app concepts.


As I start my day–I do use a lot of virtual switches. :sunglasses:

Many thanks to @mattjfrank @baldeagle072 @infofiend @bravenel @btk @MichaelS @ajpri for their help in this area! :bulb:


Oh shoot, speaking of virtual switches. @mike_maxwell for the one and only virtual device I will ever use, the uDTH

And no Mike, I am not tring to make you get off your pool chair to do more work, your device is simply awesome.! :sunny: :smile:


Also, just a quick mention of some of the UK hub developers who have contributed a great deal to the
UK/EU community:












Thank you for the mention :slight_smile: I’ll be back in business after I get my new hot tub installed. Hope to get a smartapp and device type for Balboa powered and WiFi connectedhot tubs.


We forgot @JDRoberts - for being always right.


Hey am I the only one feeling like we’re watching the credits at the end of the movie? Hope these are not the credits, okay?


Maybe it is the credits at the beginning of the movie.


@JDRoberts, right as usual :slight_smile: