WebCoRE: Unresponsive CoRE instance” error


My WebCoRE was disabled after an email/username change on my SmartThings account by my request since my original email is no longer active. Several of my other linked accounts and devices had to be updated. It seems that this is also the case with WebCoRE but I’m not able to do so.

I installed a 2nd WebCoRE instance and it works normally. At the dashboard, when I try to swap over to the first instance, I get an “Unresponsive CoRE instance” error (screenshot attached). It would be extremely tedious and time consuming to manually restore them all from the backup bin. I emailed @ady624 yesterday but I’ve not heard back. Is there any way to get the first instance back up and running?

For the record, I’ve tried:

  • Updating the dashboard security password
  • Refreshing the Client Secret
  • Disabling and reenabling Pistons
  • Clean up and rebuild data cache
  • Adding and deleting some available devices
  • Using the “Register another instance” option in the 2nd instance’s dashboard with the code generated from first instance’s “Register a browser”

All of them continue to give me the same “Unresponsive” error.

Thank you

THANK YOU so much!!!

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