I can’t access Webcore either in ST or the web page

It’s been awhile. I’ve been letting things run, as my work life got crazy busy over the past couple years. But now I want to begin working on my smart home again, and I cannot access Webcore. I did (do?) have an account with many pistons, but neither of the email addresses I’m sending to recover my password are getting a response.

What am I missing?

What url are you using? Does “I can’t access” mean you can’t visit the site, can’t log in, or something else??

In the Webcore smart app, it says “Authentication Required, please enter your password for the account”. I’ve tried a few of my old passwords, none of which are working.

In the public url, I get this:

Reset password

If this email address is associated with your account, then a password reset email will be sent.

But no email pertaining to Webcore is showing up in my email. I’ve looked in the spam folders and inbox of course.

Hmmm. One the web, go to https://dashboard.webcore.co . You should get this:


The in the SmartThings app, go to the Automations tab and select webCore in the SmartApps section.
Select register a browser and put that value in the browser box.

I’m guessing you are not getting that far. I have a webCore PW as well, but not sure how/why the pw login prompt is generated.

If you don’t get a solution here, try the webCore community at https://community.webcore.co/ . Search for reset password. You’ll see a number of suggestions including one from @jkp about how to reset it via the ST app.

in the ST app, go to Automations, open your instance of webcore, go to settings > security and change the password for your dashboard there. generate your registration code from your instance in the ST app… enter it on the dashboard and your new security password you changed

I’m in, thank you both!

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