CoRE Dashboard unexpected error

I am having trouble with CoRE…when I open the smart app in my iOS iPhone I get an unexpected error.
OAuth = true, and the shard is correct.

I have only one very simple piston, and it continues to work…thinking about making a small change, and noticed the error when I went to core app dashboard.

Note that recently had support change my email address…wondering if that is somehow related. I have also changed my GitHub email, but not the user name as didn’t change…

I sent pretty much this same email to support and they passed with…
“Thank you for contacting SmartThings today! I’m so sorry your’re having trouble with CoRE. I’ve taken a look at your account from my end and can see that CoRE is installed on your account, however we do not provide support for custom SmartApps as we cannot guarantee their functionality”

Any ideas or help would be appreciated

I saw this post the other day. You should read it…

this might explain your situation from the post:
In webCoRE, I had to edit the sources to one time revoke the token. I expect this will be added as an option soon as I have reported the issue to @ady624 and he helped me fix this.

oh wait! you said CoRE and I pulled up a case for webcore. :slight_smile:

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I suspect this may apply to CoRE as well. I thinking that since I have only one, a very simple piston, that it may be easier to remove and re-install.

Good job at remembering that post!


or a good reason to give webCoRE a try.

CoRE has a way to reset the token from the SmartApp Settings - webCoRE does not yet have any. I’ll eventually add that as an option for webCoRE too, but first #irma :smiley:

@ady624 maybe this will help…

It does, let me write a piston real quick :smiley: I also hear that certain dances may keep the storm at bay. For example that ney ney song? :smiley:

Stay safe!

What do I need to do to reset the token? Thanks

On another note, I have spent the winter (Jan/Feb) in Naples for the past 5 years…lot of friends in the area that I am concerned about. This certainly looks to be catastrophic!

I reset the token and that fixed it.

Thank you

I have the same problem… How do I reset my Webcore OAuth token???

I’m using CoRE, not webCoRE, and it can be reset via the app. I don’t know if it’s been added yet.

Above post quote…