After Samsung account update, CoRE no longer executes

2 days ago, I got my notice that it was time to update my Smartthings account to Samsung. Immediately after, all of my CoRE pistons stopped executing. I can see the evaluation change when the criteria is met, but the state itself won’t change unless I simulate. I’ve updated CoRE and tried repairing/ rebuilding all pistons.
If I create a new piston, it will work (for now) but I have a dozens that I would rather not reprogram.

So far, tech support has offered up resetting the Hub and uninstalling / reinstalling the classic app as their suggested fixes.

I’d appreciate any insights that can be offered.


I don’t have a solution for you, but do local automations still work for you? Even the most basic automations I create in the SmartThings Classic app stopped working a week ago, but Haven’t figured out why.

@nonyabiz33 check to see if the migration created a second Home Location.

In order to delete a Home Location that has nothing in it:

  • Login to IDE at
  • Goto Locations
  • If you have multiple Locations, select the invalid one
  • Make sure there is no Hub associated to it
  • Scroll to the right and click Edit
  • If the Default Location shows “true” (will be read only)
  • If it is “true”, go back to Locations and select your primary (Real) location and set the default location to “true”
  • Now you can edit/delete the additional Home location (that is empty) as it will automatically be set to “false”.

If that fails to resolve the issue, contact ST support and they can do it

Also, I highly recommend you start migrating your pistons to webCoRE as CoRE is no longer being updated except for the occasional patch to fix issues. You will find webCoRE easier (once you get use to it) and more powerful than the older CoRE.

If the info above does not resolve your CoRE issue, consider posting on the webCoRE community forum at

My basic automations still work. And I only have one location on my IDE.

CoRE’s pistons are there but the state from true to false won’t change unless I run simulate. Even if I alter the piston. This leads me to beleave that an unseen attribute has been changed on the pistons since any new ones that I create still function.

Yet another example of how Samsung needs to finally implement a backup system.

I’ll start looking into webCoRE when I have some down time.