Webcore not responding 5/30/18

Anyone having Webcore problems today? I have had a 100% outage for at least 3 hours but Smart Lighting automations are still working. I posted on a thread on the Webcore forums someone else started, but thought I would post here too since I can’t get to the WC forum at work. I think this is the third outage I have had in 3-4 weeks and in between have had a bunch of lag come and go. I haven’t updated in a while so guess I might need to do that.

Yeah, it’s a system-wide problem

Still waiting on ST to notice…

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Thanks. So not just WC but sounds like any custom app automation.

I noticed losing all subscribed data to grovestreams from 450 to 1030. It’s been working a little less than an hour now.

Came home and looks like all sorts of stuff broken. Motion sensors I can see tripping but not registering in app. Haven’t checked ide yet but I bet all my devices went offline.

Some North American users may be experiencing intermittent issues loading and controlling devices in the new and Classic SmartThings apps as well as the developer portal. Our team is investigating and we will provide updates as they are available.
Posted less than a minute ago. May 30, 2018 - 18:38 EDT