WebCore Stopped Working...Why?

For no apparent reason, webcore and my 50+ rules have all stopped working around 3am two nights ago. I rebooted ST hub, router, modem and updated webcore to the latest version with no luck. i even made a basic rule for one light without using any of my modes…(my rules are tied to smart home on mode). I toggled the mode even with still no luck on the new rule or any other rule…Not sure where to go from this. Also, i made a basic rule in ST app itself and it works…so its something to do with webcore.

See the threads about webcore and daylight savings time.

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Webcore has their own forum now. Asking questions there will usually get you the quickest answers, because that’s where most of the web core experts are hanging out these days.

That said, there have already been multiple threads on this specific issue in the Core section of this forum, plus a posting in the first bug reports in the community – created wiki, so if you check any of those you should find the answer to your question. :sunglasses:


Update all 4 instances of the webCoRE smartapps.
That should resolve your issue.

Thanks…it was the DST change. I updated all 4 modules in IDE before but it didnt work. Someone said to update in IDE and i went back and there was another update! so i updated and all is good. I must of been two versions back somehow and that tricked me. I also searched for a webcore forum but didt really see one so now I can post over there. Thanks all again.