I don't get this (Simple routines randomly stop working)

I am not sure why things (routines in ST app, SmartLighting and Core) stop working out of the blue. I have not had any changes in my environment in weeks. Nothing added, taken away, changed it But now a few very simple things don’t work, like turning on a light in a closet with a contact sensor. It doesnt get anymore basic than that. Should I just reboot my hub (not sure how to do that other than just unplugging it). What do you suggest?

Tis the nature of ST. When it works, it’s great…

Look at the piston in the dashboard. See whats going on.

1 or 2 things kinda common…but many points to a problem somewhere. You might have to update CoRE. Since you have pretty simple pistons then now would be a good time to move over to webCoRE…

I’ll definitely look into that. I wasn’t even aware that was out. Should I reboot the ST hub? How do I do that?

Webcore is awesome!

Pretty easy to create pistons and the ability to duplicate pistons is the best since sliced bread.

There are other features that are kickass too

Make the transition now that you have a few core pistons to recreate.

I would read the rate limits in the documentation and see if that applies to you (probably not - but…)

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I think I am going to delete everything and start over from scratch. Things just dont’ work consistently at all. Nothing is changing in my environment but nothing is working like it used to. 1/2 the time, only 1/2 the lights go on or turn off. This is so odd to me that suddenly, things don’t work. I haven’t created my first webcore yet but i do have it installed. Its not very easy, IMHO. Super Frustrated in Seattle