Delayed WebCore or not firing at all

(Chris Nelson) #1

Hey all, as of today I’ve noticed that none of my pistons are firing or that they are but there is a massive delay. I have two addresses and it’s the same on both hubs, both have a completely separate internet connection so I know it’s not that.

Up until now both have been working excellently so I’m assuming it’s a smartthings problem, anyone else have the delay?

(jkp) #2

Not sure if it is related…

(Chris Nelson) #3

Thanks it definitely looks the same

(steve grout) #4

I’m getting the same thing. I dont think it’s a webcore issue though because the sensors on the smartthings classic app dont update sometimes. It’s been happening to me for about a week.

I have submitted a support ticket to smartthings…

(Warren) #5

I had the same thing last night. Although seemed ok this morning

(Robin) #6

image image

@ipaterson posted this in response to another issue… seems appropriate here to lol