Webcore Not Working Properly

So I know the smartthings app had a recent update, and seems like since then my webcore pistons havent worked properly. Is anybody having an issue with webcore as well?

All pistons? Try logging into IDE, click on Locations, then choose smartapps on that page and check if your pistons are paused in the list.

This is what i see. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for? I’m guessing they aren’t paused? I’m also getting an error message in webcore dashboard. Not sure what caused that either.

Go to your instance of webcore in the ST app under Automations, open settings and select clean up and rebuild data cache to see if that has any effect on the dashboard error and your pistons. If it resolves your dashboard but not the pistons, try pausing them in the webcore dashboard to see if that gets them working again.

Ok thank you. It looks like this fixed the dashboard issue. Appreciate the help.