Webcore Hopelessly Corrupt

A few days ago my WebCore became hopelessly corrupt. I cannot use it or change it or delete it or recreate it.

I have a backup that can’t be restored because I get the message "there was a problem loading the dashboard data… " and I can’t get any further.

Is there anyone I should contact for help?

First, logout of the dashboard. Clear the browser cache.

Next, open your instance of webCoRE in the ST app, go to settings and clean up and rebuild data cache.

Generate your register code next, open your browser and load the dashboard, enter the register code and then enter your security password.

See if that resolves the issue. All is not lost

If still not able to access the dashboard, post on the webcore forum and tag ipaterson


@Hampelo …Also make sure your Webcore Smartapps are all up to date.

Thanks for the reply!

I had done all those things but not in that specific order so I tried it again.

Not any better. I can’t even display the dashboard from the ST app. I get the same error message as in the browser. It does display a few of my pistons (4 of 25)

I will try and find the WebCore forum.

Thanks. Found it and somehow managed to reset my WebCore to “start over” status.

I am a bit gunshy to go to the major effort of recreating them but I will for any where complex interaction is required.

Thanks for your help.

Mine have been rock soid for years until last week when I got this same message. Went over to the WC forum and it was instantly apparent that ST had changed something. It was a simple fix to comment out one line in the WC app. 950 I beleive but don’t quote me :wink:

That issue was fixed and the workaround is no longer required.

Thnaks for the update. Haven’t been over there (WC) this week.