webCoRE First Few Pistons Help

Hi all. Fairly new to Smartthings and brand new to webCoRE. Took me a bit to my head wrapped around it, but I think I’ve got a decent feel for it now. I’ve come up with a few pistons that I’d appreciate you more seasoned webCoRE folks to take a look like and see if anything looks funky. Basically I want my front porch light to fade up to 60% dim 20 minutes before sunset and then fade down to 0% 15 minutes after sunrise. I’m just not sure if simply adding the command “fade to 60%” or “fade to 0%” is all I need? Do I also need an “off” and “on” command in there somewhere? I also want it to fade up to 100% if either my wife or I’s presence changes to present, and then fade back down to 60% 10 minutes after presence on either phone is present for 10 minutes. But, if say my wife is already home for more than 10 minutes, will my presence fade the light to 100%? Or will her presence nullify that?

Here are the pistons in question.

I also have another piston that is set to turn on my living room and kitchen lights when either of our phones presence changes to present starting at 1 hour before sunset and only if either of our phones presence has not been present for at least 15 minutes. This will keep the lights from coming on if we are already home in the evening and open the front door for whatever reason, but will turn the lights on when either of us are the first to get home in the evening. What do you guys think?

Head on over to https://community.webcore.co/
This is the support forum for webC0RE. :slight_smile:

Already ahead of you :grin: Found the forum shortly after posting here. Thanks for the heads up though!!