Help With A Webcore Piston

Hello, I am new to Webcore, I used to use the old Core on the smarthings and did have a piston set up as follows:

Time set sunset and sunrise
Outside Motion sensor swithes to ON

Waits 30 Seconds
Turns on Hallway Light
waits 5 minutes
Turns Off

Wait 45 Seconds
Turns On Living Room Light
Waits 3 minutes
Turn off

Waits 55 seconds
Turns on Outside Porch Lights
Waits 3 minutes
Turn off

So in essence an intruder on the driveway would think that the occupants are getting up and switching on lights as they come down stairs eventually switching on the outside porch light. Could anyone shed any light on how I would go about this in Webcore please. I have a fibraro relay and am using an outdoor PIR as a switch which worked really well with the last Piston I had running in the old build (was more user friendly - I’m a Noob)

I have tried but the best I have had it is by all the required actions being carried out after each other not as seperate instances if that makes sense?


I’m not familiar with the older version of Core, but I do use webCoRe quite a bit, there is a separate forum for that BTW…

But I see what you’re trying to do in that you want to turn on the lights in a few seconds after each other…and then turn them off again later. The way the WAIT commands work in webCoRE is much like a pause. So the script is going to just sit there and do nothing. Now you could change everything to run Asynchronously, but I think that would get more complicated. So why not just switch it around and do something like:

Motion detected:
Wait 30 seconds, turn on Hallway Light
Wait 15 seconds, turn on LR lights
Wait 10 seconds, turn on Porch light

Then just do another wait and start turning things off.
it will read very easily that way and you’ll know what’s going on.

webCoRE does things by default Synchronously so each command executes before the next one starts, and some commands cause the processing of other commands to be held up while they execute.

Check out the webCoRE forums though, tons of good info over there…and you can download examples and such.

@Mike1616 Please see the attached, it works now, thanks for all your help it’s really appreciated :slight_smile:
I’ve posted it for others to see too, thanks

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