Help needed with my first Piston

Hello all, I just got a new Smartthings, and am stepping into the Smart Home setup. After installing webCore am trying to write my first Piston.
I have a Ring door bell, once it is pushed, and if it is between sunset and sunrise, I want the Porch lights to Turn on, wait for 2 minutes, and then the Porch lights to turn off. Below is what I have:

Porch lights turn on fine when the 2 conditions are met, but they do not turn off after 1 min, what I am I doing wrong here. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Off hand it looks right to me. I know there is a setting that allows parallel vs serial execution setting (forget what its called) but even if that were set wrong I would still expect it to turn off. Maybe turn on full logging and you’ll see where its breaking down. Note there is an independant webCore forum now at

I find these Turn On, Wait, Turn Off combinations work better if you separate it out.
Do: Turn on, Wait 60 Seconds
Do: Turn off.

See how that works. And definitely get involved over at

Good catch. Didn’t even think to look at the trigger conditions.

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