Best webCoRE Vacation/Away/Not Home Piston?

I haven’t quite gotten around to it get, but since I first started using ST about 1.5 years ago, I’ve had the vacation lighting director smartapp installed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t … it’s a bit flaky, etc. No knocks against it, it was free and I definitely got my money’s worth from it. :wink:

I’ve had interest in trying to get a real nice vacation lighting kind of thing going in CoRE, and now webCoRE. I’ve tinkered, but not enough.

I know in all the various threads, I’ve seen examples, ideas, discussions.

I’d love to see if we can get the ultimate examples in one place? I know there is at least a bit of interest in this.

Who has put together what? I’d love to see some examples to learn from or ideas people have to improve what exists.

I’m pretty sure I’m looking for random amount of lights on for random times at random times, etc. Bonus points for the lights not staying left on when I get home. Not sure of anything else, that’s why I’m looking to the community. Often, people have ideas that I didn’t realize I wanted and suddenly must have!

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@anon36505037 posted this in another thread.

Try this bad boy:

whilst SHM is armed it triggers every 30 minutes and then, for each individual light in the ‘for each’ statement is waits for a random 1-29 minutes before randomly toggling the light.

Effect is true randomness lol


Do you know if running a piston like this every 30 minutes is more resource intensive than running it in a while loop that waits every 30 minutes but only kicks off while the smart home monitor status is set to Armed/Away?