New To Smartthings And New To CoRE

Hi folks,

I’m very new to all of this smart home wizardry and I’m trying to climb the slope of the very steep learning curve. I’m also no computer coder or wizz(old guy)kid.

I’m trying to write some security pistons on WebCoRE. What I need is for the Push notification to come through and the bedside lamps to come on red in color. I’ve done this and it works - but…The only thing is that my wife and I work shifts, and not the same shifts. Sometimes we come and go at odd times.

We both have the Smartthings Presence sensors on our keyrings.

Is there a way that I can add a restriction to stop the alerts and lights activating if one of us comes home? So as it detects the presence sensor it doesn’t run the piston.

Or, would I need to do something like adding in that when the presence changes to present (active?) it sets the mode to Home for say, 5 mins. Enough to allow us to get in and shut the door - then rearms the sensor on the door?

Sorry for the rambling message but as I’ve been typing I’ve been thinking of possible solutions and typing them as they popped into my head! Could someone advise me of what I need to do please?

Thanks in advance,


The answer is Yes to all your questions. WebCoRE can accomplish that and so much more. Best thing you can do, is to start building your piston. You can then post an image of it and ask for assistance in how to proceed. The best location to do this is on the Webcore forum. There are also many example pistons you can explore over there.

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