WebCore Devices - I did something to Corrupt

I deleted some things yesterday and in doing so (obviously incorrectly) really messed up WebCore. My device list is now empty and existing pistons, are far as devices are concerned, are trashed.

Any idea what I did wrong. Is this at all recoverable? I am guessing not

This somehow may be related to the ST issues the last 24 hours. I haven’t touched any device or any of my Pistons in weeks and one of my lights didn’t turn off yesterday, so I opened the associated Piston and instead of showing the device names, I saw the same placeholder numbering you posted. I opened it a 2nd time and said Use Local copy and it actually returned the names for those devices. I then saved the Piston again and everything was fine. Not sure if other Pistons are affected. Haven’t checked yet.

Your case could be legitimate though if the devices you deleted were referenced in the Pistons. If this is the case, after adding your devices, you could restore a backed up version of your Piston but I don’t know that it will recognize the new device as the old.

Thanks…and interesting. I did simply force delete 3 devices from SmartThings as my frustration with things like presence sensor and outages made me decide to trial Homeseer and I needed test devices for that system. I will try what you did if I can and see if anything is recoverable.

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Will try thanks!

I never really found a repair button…but clean up the database?..then went to look at all my allowed devices and the list was empty. (yes…no idea why I didn’t think to look at that :blush: )

Once added back in …anything still in the system shows. I only played with this for two seconds…but for devices no longer in the system …they still have hex and of course don’t show up on the device list so I may have to rebuild pistons if I wish to remove them.