Retrieve Lost Pistons?

I posted this in the WebCore forum without a response, so thought I’d try here as well.

I was just getting a grasp on creating my own Pistons and then up and sold my house, then moved to a new one. Haven’t started setting up my HA gadgets yet and decided now’s the time for some cleanup in the SmartThings app.
Tried to update my address in SmartThings and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t accept it. It’s new construction and not on maps yet. In a 1 AM sleep deprived state, I made a bonehead move and deleted my “Home” in SmartThings just trying to fix the address.
After I regained the ability to hold my lunch again, I decided since I messed it up, I’ll stick with only the new app. Got WebCore back and realized my Pistons are all gone.
Logging into WebCore, I can’t find any old Pistons. I am not sure how closely tied to the SmartThings “Home” they are, but they seem lost. Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to tell?
I’ve searched the forum already and tried what I could, but coming up empty so far. If they’re gone, so be it. Just wanted to use what I made for my own educational documents for making new Pistons.

Youre not going to like the answer…

Your WebCoRE install lives as a smartapp inside your location the SmartThings cloud. Your pistons are data attached to that smartapp. So when the location was deleted… Poof. Away went the smartapp and all of its data.

Your only hope is if you had auto backup on your Pistons turned on and you knew the codes to restore each of those pistons or if you had manually generated a backup file…

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Not what I was hoping for, but what I expected. I appreciate your explanation of how it works.
Now I have to go look to see if I saved anything.

Also, there is hope if you archived the pistons and downloaded them as a file in the past (for restoral).
I do this quite often and squirrel away the file. Last month I had to actually restore all 60 of my pistons from that file as they all stopped getting events from ST for no appearent reason.


Just to update this thread. Over on the webCoRE forum the OP has been advised that it should be possible to retrieve the automatic backup codes for the pistons. So those pistons which had automatic backups enabled should be recoverable.

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Just to link the two threads:

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I’ve sent off some info to see if they can be retrieved. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed I actually enabled backups.

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Alright, to anyone that may run into the same situation, one of the WebCore minions was able to search out my ID and retrieve a single Piston I had backed up. The rest I apparently hadn’t enabled auto-backup.

I believe I saved out a couple screen captures on an old laptop, so there’s hope.

Moral of the story, use auto-backup!