Renaming Devices in Webcore

I probably should have done this from the start but I decided it was a good idea to give my smart bulbs different names and not just stick them in different groups with the same device names. After doing this the names have updated in the smartthings IDE, and both the classic and updated smartthings apps but it is still listed as the same name in webcore. Does this just take a while to update or how do I update the device names there?

I know this is the smartthings community, I will ask over in the webcore community too but i figured someone here would probably know the answer.

Do a Hard refresh of your webcore dashboard and the names should update

yeah I just say that on the webcore forums but I did a ctrl+refresh button and ctrl+f5 and it has not worked… it refreshes but nothing changes

Try opening your webcore instance in the ST app , go to settings > clean up and rebuild data cache

strange, it still doesn’t update on the webcore dashboard on my phone or my laptop, i tried to hard reload afterwards too, but if i got to ST->my smartapps->webcore->available devices->available devices in actuators it lists ‘smart bulb 2’ which is correct…

ok got it, don’t really know what i did, rebuilt the cache 3 times, closed everything and then did a hard refresh and now its correct. Thank you for all the help over the past couple days.

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Where are you looking in the dashboard? When you open a piston and look at the device list on the right, do the new names show there? For pistons, you will need to click edit for the new names to show.

I was looking at the dashboard, i had to manually edit the piston I was working on but I assume that was because the device I originally was using was just named ‘smart bulb’ and after changing to ‘smart bulb 2’ there was still a device named ‘smart bulb’ in the device list so my piston did not automatically change those variables over to the new device name. I am a bit surprised however because I would have thought that the names would just be human readable code for the device identifier or something like that.