WebCoRE Piston Disappeared During Todays Update

So I spent several hours writing the end all be all script I’ve been trying to put together for my situation today. It was like a 100 line process and I was looking forward to testing it tonight. Well I opened it up just a short bit ago in my browser and unpaused it to start testing and debugging. Everything is going well but as I’m holding my laptop and testing the first sensor I noticed the browser refreshed and a banner popped up and said that there is now a new version available. I refreshed my page and lo and behold my Piston was gone. So I updated the smart app in the IDE hoping that was all it was but no, it seems to be gone for good. Why would a Piston just disappear while open when the update was pushed through? I don’t have access to a restore code or anything so I have not backup. What the heck could have caused this and is there anyway to get it back?

Help my Obiwan your my only hope and by Obiwan I nudging towards @ady624

Did you have the auto backup enabled?

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Not on this one sadly

Sorry, but I think you learned the hard way. We have all done that. Now, I back up everything. My photos exist on 8 different hard drives in separate locations. I am sorry this happened to you. Good luck.