I think I broke my core

I was changing a variable in a Piston when it crashed and kicked me out to the main smartthings app page. Now if I go back to that Piston it gives a “unauthorized user” error and if I try to create a new Piston, gives me the same error. I can access my other pistons and every other Piston seems to be working.

Any ideas to fix? Tried rebuilding all pistons, reset token and pause and restart the broken Piston. Out of ideas.

Thanks in advance n

You can try removing the broken piston via IDE under location > smartapps > piston name

Thanks for the tip!

It as a lil bit tricky to erase but on that same page at that top where it says “Installed Smartapps” and to the right there is an “Edit” link which will the exposed the “uninstall” option for each smartapp.

Was able to remove it that way. Was getting worried that I may have to erase CORE and start over and rebuild my pistons. Yikes!.

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Try this. :wink:

There’s always the one minor detail I sometimes forget lol.

CoRE has gotten hosed up somehow on me & I’m not able to create new or modify existing pistons so I’m trying trying to remove multiple pistons using the IDE & start fresh When I try to uninstall, nothing happens & if I try to open a piston via Smart Apps it won’t open. Any suggestions on a fix?
Running CoRE v0.3.168.20161220

You may want to try updating CoRE to the lastest version first to see if your issues are resolved. lastest version --> v0.3.169.20170104

I deleted my core app that caused the issue through the smartthings desktop website. That helped me.

That did it - thx. Able to clean things up now & create new pistons
I guess I thought the latest version would have been available for me to update from the GitHub CoRE (master) repo.