WebCoRE and the new SmartThings App?

I am trying to use WebCoRE, what’s the deal with Classic vs latest SmartThings. I needed to update to the latest app for something, but now it looks like to use WebCore I need Classic? This is a bit of a nightmare, why did samsung release a new app that lacks core functionality of the old app they’re phasing out?


At this point, WebCORE can not control SHM in the STSC app.

This thread was asking hot to use WebCore and ‘SmartApps’ with the current SmartThings application. Do you have any feedback on the topic of the thread?

I answered above you can uss WebCORE for most stuff in STSC except for SHM in STSC.


Yes, you need to use Classic to install webcore. After installing it, doesn’t matter which app you use.

Thanks, that was a very helpful reply!

I have the upgraded ST app, how to I get back to old classic app?

Download it and put in user name and password. Enjoy it until the dreadful day SmartThings forces us to use the crippled New App.

make sure you login as a new user to the classic app

Why do you have to do this? Just curious and I am sure that many will log in as existing.

that’s the only way the samsung login page gets called in the Classic app. Selecting existing use sends you to SmartThings login, which very few people have now.


have they made any updates to this in regard to SHM not working in STSC ?

I’m probably just going to stick with Classic for as long as possible.

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Hello can some one tell me how to add web core to the new smartthings app. I am not good at this computer stuff so i will need a step buy step instruction . Thanks so much