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WebCoRE and the new SmartThings App?

(chris) #1

I am trying to use WebCoRE, what’s the deal with Classic vs latest SmartThings. I needed to update to the latest app for something, but now it looks like to use WebCore I need Classic? This is a bit of a nightmare, why did samsung release a new app that lacks core functionality of the old app they’re phasing out?

(jkp) #2

At this point, WebCORE can not control SHM in the STSC app.

(chris) #3

This thread was asking hot to use WebCore and ‘SmartApps’ with the current SmartThings application. Do you have any feedback on the topic of the thread?

(jkp) #4

I answered above you can uss WebCORE for most stuff in STSC except for SHM in STSC.

(Jimmy) #5

Yes, you need to use Classic to install webcore. After installing it, doesn’t matter which app you use.

(chris) #6

Thanks, that was a very helpful reply!

(Arun Srinivasan) #7

I have the upgraded ST app, how to I get back to old classic app?

(Ron Talley) #8

Download it and put in user name and password. Enjoy it until the dreadful day SmartThings forces us to use the crippled New App.

(Jimmy) #9

make sure you login as a new user to the classic app

(Ron Talley) #10

Why do you have to do this? Just curious and I am sure that many will log in as existing.

(Jimmy) #11

that’s the only way the samsung login page gets called in the Classic app. Selecting existing use sends you to SmartThings login, which very few people have now.