Classic, the NEW app, WebCore --- thoughts

Hi - first post, new user to Smartthings.
Ive had success create some basic automation routines, Ive gotten BigTalker/Lannounce set up - and a few other little strung together alerts/notifications. But I have a question around the fragility of the system.

Right now, Ive had to use a combination of the Classic App, the IDE, and occasionally the new app. Im awfully confused as to why I need to string the three apps together, and Im even more concerned that all the things I am doing is in the classic app, that may go away - and none of it is available (routines, custom monitor alerts)

Am I just missing something? I fee, from what I read, WebCore does better at unifying everything I am stringing together.

Just a little perplexed …


SmartThings is in the middle of a major transition: new hub, new app, new cloud platform.

When completed, both the Classic app and webcore In its present form will go away. We just don’t know when.

ST has said many times that their typical customer has less than 15 Devices and never uses any custom code. Those folks should be very happy in the new environment.

The rest of us will just have to wait to see what happens.

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hrm … well, that sort of makes me want to stay away from webcore for the time being. Seems like just stringing the two apps + ide together took some time on a platform that life is questionable. Don’t want to put too much time into webcore if all the fates are unknown.

Have strung mostly everything I want, other than some scheduled sensor checks/updates …
Read the difference FAQ, most of that is clear … what Im cautious of is if/when the rug is going to be pulled.

appreciate the reply @JDRoberts

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I take back everything I said about hesitant on WebCore … OMG its great, Im no longer tweaking things in 3 different places, and also doing more. I can imagine the classic app disappearing before they rip the APIs from under Webcore, but Im usually wrong about this stuff :wink: