Web Interface Or PC App?

I am new to ST and one thing I am interested in is a web interface. Is this possible? While I appreciate the mobile application and also the IFTTT integration, I need a web interface or a PC application so I can have my computer control ST via my home automation. (Granted I could do this myself but that is no fun, I would rather have my automation do it for me)

Going to have to write it yourself. I am working on the same thing. I have a Windows application at the core of my Home Automation System. It has many special features that I wrote so I am looking control SmartThings from it. You’ll have to write a SmartApp to act as the endpoint from your automation system. So far in some basic tests I’ve been able to do this without an issue.

I wonder why the company hasn’t released a simple web interface themselves. They could bill it as “as-is,” “non-supported,” etc., if they were worried about liability and support issues.

Why have they not?

I cannot speak for SmartThings of course, but my understanding is that they have intentionally set out to create “mobile-only” user experience, which makes sense considering that PC usage is on steady decline and mobile usage is on the rise.

I can see where that would make sense. I see the two converging, but that may be a while off.

I guess I can only hope that those endeavoring to create such an interface will share it, though I will understand if they do not. :slight_smile:

Although I would like to see a web interface, I find the mobile app quite useful from a programming point of view (yes, I know, contrary to most here). Where I find it useful is how easy it is to use a phone or tablet (still want to see that tablet version of the interface!) while “in the middle of things”. For example, I discovered that the percentages for our dimmers when using LED bulbs needed to be lower than incandescent. I was able to quickly walk around the space and make adjustments to my Hello Home modes very quickly and could see instant results.

That being said, I would rather see a web interface than an installable desktop app. The web is more flexible and you don’t have to support thousands of installs, every one of them unique.

As a tablet pc user and android user, it would be nice if either of these would be supported.

I spend way more time in the IDE and then have to go to my Android to see if its working, then go over to my iPad and run the iOS app and see if it works on there.

I know they have plenty of developers working on android support, just wish it wasn’t so far behind the iOS app.

I fear that a PC app could significantly lag behind the iOS and even android apps, since they rely on so many API calls within the device’s frameworks.

I would love to see a web interface because currently I’m deployed where I cannot use a mobile device. The only way I have to control smartthings is to use an android emulator running on my desktop computer which then has the android apk running. Not efficient, but it works.

Well… Nothing has really changed 1.5 years later. SmartThings is a product developed by Millennials for Millennials, whose entire life revolves around smartphone and who don’t even know how to type on a keyboard. :smile: