Automations - Control from web interface

I have signed up for IFTTT and I have it connected to my SmartThings inside the app. I would like to setup all the automations from the web site if thats possible. When I log into the smartthings web site I am not seeing where I can perform these same automations. Does anyone know if this is even possible?

Not possible at this time. You will need to use the ST app on your mobile device to set up automations.

see if you know. If i set an outlet to turn on at 5pm but the power is out until 5:30, would it turn on when the power comes back on?

Edit. Should have specified that I am using IFTTT (If time then power on.)

You can use an automation and set up a set period of time and device is off then turn on. You don’t need IFTTT if the device is connected directly to ST.

I will look into this. Just got the smarthub last week.

Thank you for your help!

Feel free to post any questions you may have. There is always someone around to assist.

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