Is there a PC app

I know this has been asked before but most of the posts I saw are pretty old. Also I am relatively new, have had ST for a while but just never did much past whatever loaded and was recognized automatically.

Is there a native interface for Smartthings? I know about Actiontimes and Sharptools but they are just a graphic interface, don’t let you really work with automations and stuff, just display what you did in the mobile app …at least that is how it looks to me and I could be wrong.

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There is a browser based interface that some of the users on here beta tested (not me). It has apparently been battling for months to make it into production. It seems a much more sensible idea to me. I don’t know what its feature set is like compared to the mobile apps.


Do you know what is called or where to fine it?

No idea. It was in a closed beta test.

There’s no special name, just a special site. It’s basically like the new app, but in landscape mode on a gigantic tablet.

At the moment you can see all your devices, Rooms, Scenes, and SmartApps (mislabeled as Automations on the web app). Automations (with regards to the new app) are not there yet. The web UI is similar to the new app UI, but there are still a lot of differences.

Here’s a screenshot or 2 or 3:



Note that there’s a “People” group. Mobile presence devices (our phones) actually show up there even though the new app doesn’t support that yet. You’d think that if the ST guys can get phones to show in the web app and Classic, that doing this for the new app shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’d likely rarely use this because you can’t move around Rooms or Groups (like Scenes, STHM, etc), and since landscape mode works great on my tablet and works way better.

Quite frankly, I can’t see ST bringing this to general release because there’s a lot still to be done to align with how the new mobile app works/looks, as well as if this is the right use of developer resources to work on vs. fixing the new app and making that better first.

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Here is the link to the original topic:

Otherwise there is a CLI as well.

I found this but it won’t work on a 64bit system damn it. Who has a 32bit system anymore?

The Alpha is closed.

@Sundance2019, you can actually create automation rules in Rule Engine, which allows you to create more advanced/conditioned based automation in a visual workflow style interface. You can find more details about Rule Engine here.

You can also add the rules in the dashboard and to trigger the rules by tapping the rule tiles.

I have dedicated wall mounted tablet running SharpTools dashboards which becomes our smart home/info center that I can control & view stuff from SmartThings and other things like calendar, forecast and etc.

And here is my “Jukebox” dashboard to play specific music playlist to my echo speakers by using the rules created in Rule Engine.

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