Web Dashboard


I would like to share the web dashboard that I created.

This is a self contained app with no set-up, no back end, no dependencies, no servers to run, no PHP, and no know-how. It really can’t get simpler than that.

When the app is installed or updated, a URL will be printed to the log. Paste this URL to a modern browser to view and control your device.

You can create multiple instances of the app to create dashboards per room or give temporary remotes to your guests with the devices that they are allowed to control.

You don’t have to install the ST mobile app on all devices!

Installing this app will give you this interface:


  • I didn’t implement two way communication yet. If state of a devices changes, it will not be reflected on the dashboard until it’s refreshed.
  • When a command is issued, I set a delay for the page to refresh itself. If your devices are slow to respond, the state may not be reflected properly unless you manually refresh the page again.
  • Dashboard refreshes itself every 2 minutes.

I’m planning to add:

  • Instant updates (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Themes
  • Dimming
  • Display temperature
  • Display/change modes
  • Make it prettier.
  • AJAX
  • More features!

Installing the Dashboard

  • Open the logs first
  • Install app as usual
  • Don’t forget to enable Oath in the SmartApp setup!
  • Check the logs to see your URL



That’s pretty slick, didn’t think about embedding a webpage in an app like that.

EDIT: Don’t forget to enable Oath in the SmartApp setup.

EDIT Again:

@Web Address: {“error”:true,“type”:“SmartAppException”,“message”:“Not Found”}
ST Console: 1:57:39 PM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.SmartAppException: Not Found

@bmmiller Are you still getting the error after enabling Oath?

I am unfortunately still getting the error, yes.

I removed the app from my hub, deleted the app from the IDE, readded the app and picked Oath prior to creation and am getting the same error still.

Sorry I can’t provide you much else as far as debugging.

@bmmiller, my apologies. There was a typo in the URL in the log. I updated the repository. Please try again.

That fixed it right up. It’s working now.

Excellent . Thanks. Great work.


  1. Can this be made an app on ios so I can put ipad on wall as a control panel.
  2. Images for each tile


@bmmiller, Thank you for being the very first beta tester!

@coolcatiger, You could display the browser window on the iPad, no special wrappers are necessary.

I intend to make the UI configurable so that we could adjust the size of icons.

I don’t know if it’s possible to get the actual image of the device. If there was an API, i would display that image. Could someone from ST comment on this?

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I don’t see the url in the log.

@beckwith, first open the log, then update the app. Don’t forget to click “Done”.

Done? I don’t see “Done”

Do I just use the smartapp GUID and put it after this:


@beckwith, when updating the app in the mobile application (you don’t have to change anything), don’t forget to tap “Done”.

@beckwith, the URL will look like that:




This is way cool. This goes under “Why didn’t I think of that!” category.

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I updated the app so that when the app is tapped from the mobile application, the URL would be printed to the log. You don’t have the update the app anymore.


I just have to tell you again… This is really cool! With OAuth you can securely create unique urls for unique uses.

So cool!!!

This is awesome. I cant wait to see the updates!

This is amazing. I love that you can create different urls for different sets of controls. I can foresee setting up different panels with different controls, ie, kitchen panel only controlling or seeing lights and doors downstairs and not the bedrooms.
Thank you Alex. I have absolutely no programming knowledge but this was easy even for me to setup.