Control from ST website?

I forgot my phone at home and would like to trigger the away event. Is there no way to do this from the website? If there is, it’s not obvious.


Login to the IDE (

Select My Location Tab
Select Name (ex: Home)
Scroll to bottom of page
Select Edit
Use Drop down box to select Mode
Select Update

Thanks! But it didn’t turn on my devices. Can I manually set “Goodbye” or switch a device? Again, it’s not obvious if I can.

Do a search here for Web Dashboard 2.

Yes, I saw that, but how can I install it if I don’t have my phone on me?

Nobody near you has a phone you could borrow for a couple of minutes?

I use BlueStacks, and Android tablet emulation program. Then just loaded the SmartThings app on that.

not at the moment unfortunately. oh wait, we have an ipad here for testing. sweet. let me try that.

When you import the app into your IDE, click on it to view the code. On the right hand side pick location, select the devices you need and click install. It will print a URL in the logs that will give you the Web Dashboard that works just as though you installed it on your smartphone.

IDE allows you to run one instance of each SmartApp in each location.


I followed your instructions, but received the following error “java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘clientId’ on null object @ line 194” - any ideas?


Did you enable OAuth when you installed the app int the IDE?

I did only after writing that question. I’m the idiot of the week. Thanks.