Web-based interface

I recently lost my IOS device for aa few days, which means I had no control over my Smart Things.

Why is there no web-based interface allowing me to control my devices from my laptop/desktop computer?

Unfortunately not without having already installed webcore or action tiles. For you situation I would recommend blue stacks. It’s an android emulator that you can install the st app apk on. I use it to control ST from my work PC as I don’t have access to my phone.

Just create an ActionTiles Account.

The SmartThings App is not required to connect ActionTiles to your SmartThings “Location” (hub). You just need your SmartThings Account email and password.

14 day free trial: https://app.ActionTiles.com

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You could get an android emulator (like AMIDUOS) for your PC and then install the android version. This would (1) give you an emergency interface, and (2) a quick pop-up interface on your PC while working.

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THANK YOU! This is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I have no
clue why Samsung couldn’t do it other own. You’ll have my money in 14 days.

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Almost!?! :grimacing:
But ActionTiles is perfect, no? :angel:

Glad you like it, Mr Evil! :smiling_imp: Indeed, we’ll appreciate your purchase and feedback to help make it just a little closer to “exactly what you’re looking for”; as it is a continuous improving product. Please visit our Feedback site: https://ActionTiles.com/feedback anytime to make and vote on Feature Requests, etc…

Reviews are viewable, encouraged and welcome on Facebook please: https://www.facebook.com/ActionTiles/Reviews

Yep! Love the service! What I really wanted was a button only desktop that I could push to do things, so I dragged an alias of the webpage to th desktop and gave it a custom icon, and Sha-zayam!

Y’all are brilliant. Thank you.

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