Can you control smart things from a pc?

I would like to control my automations and just in general my home from the pc just like I do on my phone is this possible ? I do have the Samsung page that lets you monitor & watch the hub, lights etc… but I can’t turn them off-on I can just see what they are doing or what state they are in . Any help ???

Look into smarttiles you can then run it in a browser on your desktop to control devices and see their status.


You could also try running an Android emulator on your PC and control it from there.

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I have an iPhone can I still use this PC emulator ?

Yeh you can. It just setups up a ‘fake’ android system in a window on your PC (like a tablet) so you can then download SmartThings from the Google Play Store.

SmartTiles would be the better way of going though.


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Thanks I will have to look into Smart Tiles

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what phone do you have - you can use side sync with Samsung. or MEMU might be something to check out.