No web interface?

I’ve searched the community and only find random topics on this subject. I realize Smartthings was developed with “mobile” in mind…sure, that’s a given with a solution like this. However, I’m a person who likes to interface with a big screen, full keyboard…ie via my laptop, especially when I am configuring solutions like this.

Did I miss something, or is there no web interface available? I hope I missed it somewhere.


I think what you are looking for is SmartTiles:

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No official web interface, but you have options. SmartTiles is one, but frankly the mobile app will run in any android emulator or even native in chrome with a plugin.

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Thanks Ben…I’m looking at Smarttiles right now.

Patrick…what plugin for Chrome do you use for android/mobile emulation?

SmartTiles is great… Just wish SmartThings would open up the API for installation and configuration of Devices and SmartApps so that Community Developers could build custom UIs for those important functions.

Arc Welder works well for me. There are a few others.

My last attempt (on current version) with Archon (?) and… Hmmm… I thought Arc Welder… resulted in a working app, but no icons at all.

Unfortunately since I can’t shake my PC to see Thing labels, it’s useless.

Could you upload the converted package somewhere?

(It worked great for Version 1.6.9…).

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A web interface is a must, not only for display like Smart Tiles but adding devices too. The mobile app is a joke, it’s small and usability is very basic.
I hope ST and Samsung are reading this.


SmartThings doesn’t expose the APIs for Device Adds & Configuration (nor even for SmartApp configuration beyond very basic installation). That unfortunately cripples attempts to add these features in Community developed alternative UIs.

We do know that SmartThings is working on pretty big improvements to “client-side” APIs, though there’s no way to reliably know exact what and when.

Keep in mind that if SmartThings develops a “full web interface”, they will be inclined to have it mimic the native mobile App, I think – it really is a lot of effort to design, maintain, and provide help-desk support for multiple different UIs.

As an “iterative continuous improvement” company, SmartThings is much more likely to first, well, incrementally improve the current Apps, rather than start fresh for the web. It’s also consistent with the concept of supporting Community / Third-Party development to let those enhancements come from outside the company if security and overall experience can be reasonably assured.

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I (and most likely others too) would be perfectly happy if ST would fully integrate (including device management) with at least one of the 3rd party tools like Domoticz or openHAB.

I agree. I need a web interface as well. Previously I was reliant on my phone as a controller for my Vera hub. Then I cracked the screen. I went without a phone and a controlled for 2 days. I thought then this could be a problem, but luckily there’s a web interface. Now that I have the Smart Things I’m saying, “This is a problem”. I think I’m going to have to 86 the Not-so Smart Thing.

No it wont. The new app doent run on Samsung j3 running android 8.1.1

You do realize that Patrick’s post was from 2015, right?

Things change…

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They do but the docs on the website still say compatable with android 4 and up but the bad programers cant write softwate compatable with all samsung phones but they claim its designed for samsung phones. Kind of makes you mad when your a programmer and you know it could easily be done and when you search you see the above answers everywhere in current docs saying it will work

Here were are in Feb 2019 and, as far as I have been able to determine this past week, nothing has changed on this issue.

  1. You must use the SmartThings Android App to activate your ST hub on a supported browser
  2. Scenes and Automation are only supported in the Samsung ST app
  3. ActionTiles is limited to creating tiles only for devices (no scenes or automation) b/c the Samsung ST app hasn’t opened up the API to 3rd party developers. This is a tragic limitation (no fault of ActionTiles) in what otherwise looks to be a very cool UI alternative
  4. Note that on your “android” device, you must be able to set your default browser to one of the ST app supported browsers or it won’t activate (e.g., you cannot use a Amazon Fire tablet unless you are willing to hack your way through hiding the Silk default browser or reroot the device; neither is a trivial exercise).

Overall, one would think SmartThings users would have much better UI options at this stage. The UI for the SmartThings app is primitive and nothing one would expect to use once the number of devices, integration, and depth of automation progresses beyond a simple layer of a few devices and states.

Samsung can’t reasonably be expected to develop an all-encompassing multi-platform UI for such a world-wide spectrum of potential home automation users and applications; however, in exchange for buying into (investing) in their closed HW ecosystem, it is quite reasonable to expect (demand?) that Samsung ST fully open the ST API to 3rd parties so they can effectively fill the gaps Samsung chooses to not address. Its very disappointing this hasn’t happened by now.

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Not quite accurate…

  1. iOS also has the SmartThings App(s).

  2. Scenes can be called using the new SmartThings API (not sure there are examples out there yet).

  3. The new API opens access to additional SmartThings Location management functions, but the exact extent is TBD. For example, we may be able to create Scenes, not just activate them.

So… The platform is improving. Slowly. Very slowly. :turtle:

Thank you for the update, Terry! I figured if anyone had the latest scoop on the API it would be you! I’m hoping you continue to pursue adding ST functionality to ActionTiles as it is made accessible to you via the API.

I forgot about the iOS path since that doesn’t exist in my “world view” LOL

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