Weather from the weather channel doesnt work, I'm the only one?

Heya all,

Am I the only one who’s got the weather stuck at 11° celsius ?

(New ST account created to change country, hub reset to factory 3 times, re added everything, so please, no “have you tried turning it off and on again?”)

Same 11° stuck in there for 2 different accounts, different regions (NA/LATAM and SEA):

Since this happens, I don’t know if to trust or not the sunset/sunrise time setting for automation,

Anyone having the same problem?


Mine is tracking correctly. US Central.

If I click on on the weather icon, it gives me the correct measurement for exactly where I am (North Island, New Zealand) when it opens, but the damned display is stuck there at 11° for more than one phone, on the same hub, different accounts.