Smart Weather App in new ST App Not Working

Hi , I have recently migrated to the new ST app and after finding it operates slightly differently to the classic app I can now see its actually almost there. But also I found the Rbiys Smart Weather app as stopped working. I have manually updates the code to the latest and checked I am using the smart weather tile DH, but still does not reflect the current outside temps in my location. So my question is , does anyone know how to fix this or does anyone know of an alternative weather app I can use. I did find one on the forum but the only install instructions were to use the git hub repo which we cannot do ion the UK as the IDe doesnt support that outside of the US. So any suggestions are welcomed please. Many thanks

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If the weather tile isn’t showing the correct climate information it’s one of a few reasons (not related to the app but the device instead)

  1. The ST platform is timing out while communicating with weather underground (if so you will see an error in the live logs and it should eventually fix itself)
  2. The tile isn’t configured correctly or the location is incorrect. I noticed you said you were in UK. Open the tile setting page in the ST app and check that you haven’t entered a ZIP code. That is only for the US. If you’re outside the US then it picks up your location data from the hub and uses it, adding a zip code manually usually messes it up. Which also bring me to check that you’ve set the location of your hub correctly in the ST mobile app.
  3. There’s no information available for your location or there’s a temporary outage.
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Thank you that was very helpful and its now working. I had put in a post code into the zip code thinking I needed to. Once I removed that it stated working fine.

Now I can write the automation to use the smart weather for temp… Brilliant :+1:t3:

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