Cannot change temperature degrees on home screen to celcius in new smartthings app

Temperature (From Weather Channel) that show on Home screen only show in Fahrenheit. Cannot change it to Celcius.


I am encountering the same issue. The Weather Channel temperature is showing as °F even though I’m in Canada and all my sensors are set for °C. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to change this setting. Help!

This is also really bothering me in New Zealand. Everything else set to C, weather channel temp showing as F.

Mine is in C in the UK, which fortunately is how I want it as I can’t see any way of changing it that works.

I’m in Canada, I have it in C.
Maybe the phone language ? US eng vs CA Eng ? (That would be dumb…)

Anyone figure this out yet?

I am in Canada - using IMPERIAL measurements (ie Farenheit for temps) but the widget on the home screen in ST is in Celcius… Sadly when I click on the link the weather app in the web browser shows up in F!

It doesnt matter if I am using a location in Canada or USA - both display in ST as C.

I still face the problem. I choose temperature unit to Celcius but it always show Fahrenheit.

Smartthings not fix this problem for many months

Samsung Customer Support wrote me back and claim that the ST home screen weather widget is tied to the “country” setting in your Samsung Acct. Which appears to require an Act of Congress to switch. Apparently I set up my account in Canada - even though the rest of the phone and accounts are US based.


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