I’ve added the AccuWeather app to my hub and seems to be working okay but I am in Canada and the weather is reporting in Fahrenheit. Is there a way to have it displayed in Celsius / KM/h ?

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Yup, I would like to know as well…

Have you tried going into the AccuWeather Connect app and clicking on the gear icon to see if you can change the units configuration from there? I don’t have the app anymore so I can’t really check :slight_smile:

Yes. Tried that. Only allows for your postal code change.

I uninstalled this app. Kind of useless in Canada and redundant for me as I have an ecobee, phone and computer that do the same thing.

Have you tried WeatherTile? I’m not sure if you can change the measurement.

How do you install AccuWeather for ST ?

Market Place / Smart Apps / Climate Control

Scroll all the way to the bottom

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Something really wrong with this app on an iPhone. As you can see the rendering is horrible.

Thanks… I was looking under things for some reason that’s why I couldn’t find it…

Same problem on my iPad mini.

That doesn’t look good at all. I’m using a Google pixel so I didn’t see that.

I have a Samsung Galaxy and I don’t think mine looks good either. It seems to be missing a couple values.

Accuweather is confusing me, i am in the Uk, accuweather is available by adding a device, 2 versions seem available both the same, they are not configurable in the app settings and there is no edit options to change anywhere, has the accuweather app been killed ?? reading online samsung made a thing about teaming up with accuweather and how its available on everything … even smartthings but for the life of me i cannot get it to work

Accuweather serves as an excellent fancy widget on your home screen. When it comes to practical use, I wouldn’t keep the app. You can just search Google for “weather today” or “weather now” and it would show the results.

But I trust weather reports from only this source - Doge Weather
Check out the app on Google Play. Thank me later :slight_smile:

Has this widget been updated to work with Celsius/KMh yet? Anyone using it in Canada?

Weather Station Tile 2.0 works great in Canada and lets you choose the unit of measure for each reported value.

Thanks, Where do I get that? Is it a published smart app?

It’s ok. Found it.

So, can you use this like:
If wind > xx then turn on a light

I cannot see it in either smartapps or devices…which device did you find it under?